13 Best Gifts for Beer Lovers

Awesome Gifts for Beer Lovers

People have been enjoying beer since the beginning of time. Well, that isn’t entirely true — but the Sumerians some 6,000 years ago are credited with discovering the brewing process for the “divine drink” that made them feel “exhilarated, wonderful, and blissful.”

Sumerian Beer

Today people love their beer and have even started the practice of holding weddings in a breweries. 

Americans consume over 6 billion gallons of beer a year. Let that soak in for a minute then realize beer is the drink of choice for watching a game, relaxing with friends, or celebrating a momentous occasion like a wedding or bachelor party. 

Those Sumerians probably never realized how their discovery would lead to centuries of blissful good times.

Isn’t it time you reward your drinking buddies for never leaving you to drink alone? We think so but picking a gift for a friend that goes beyond the obvious engraved pint glasses or a trip to the local brewery can be difficult no matter who you are, who you are shopping for, or the specific occasion.

Good news is we make it easier to select that perfect gift for your beer drinking friends. Take a look at our comprehensive list and drink up. 

Best of the Best Bottle Openers

Silver Bullet Best Man Bundle

Best Man Gift Set

  • The Silver Bullet Best Man Bundle is a custom-made gift that includes an engraved Nickel Plated .50 Caliber Bottle Opener, a .50 Caliber Money Clip, and a pair of .50 Caliber Cufflinks in a brass or nickel finish.
  • This all comes in a custom engraved gift box.
  • The engraving on the bottle opener and can be up to 3 lines with 25 characters per line. For the box, it can be up to 4 lines with 25 characters per line.

Silver Bullet .50 Caliber Bottle Opener with Personalized Gift Box

Silver bottle opener with gift box

  • The “Silver Bullet” .50 Caliber Bottle Opener is made of durable nickel plating and is made in the U.S.A.
  • This bottle opener is made of a once-fired military grade ammunition and demilitarized projectile!
  • The gift box and the bottle opener are both custom engraved — up to 3 lines with up to 25 characters on each line for the bottle opener and up to 4 lines and with up to 25 characters each line for the gift box.

Groomsmen Gift Bundle with Matte Black Bottle Opener

Bullet Bottle Opener Gift Set

  • The Groomsmen Gift Bundle includes a pair of Six Shooter Shot Glasses, a matte black .50 Caliber Bottle Opener, and a keychain bottle opener. 
  • This gift set comes in a custom engraved rosewood gift box. 
  • The gift box is allowed up to four lines of text. 

Credit Card Bottle Openers

credit card bottle opener

These bottle openers aren’t fancy by any means, but they get the job done — and they’ll slip easily into your friends’ wallets. Click the photo above for the monogrammed option, or click here to see a few other versions with custom artwork in addition to test.

    Tap Handles for That One Friend with the Kegerator

    Brass .50 Caliber Beer Tap Handle

    Brass Tap Handle

    • The Brass .50 Caliber Beer Tap Handle is made from a once-fired .50 Caliber BMG casing and a demilitarized projectile — just like their .50 caliber bottle openers.
    • The threading has cut into the primer pocket area of the base so that it can be screwed into standard beer taps. 
    • This tap handle includes custom engraving in vertical text to mark your friend’s name or the type of beer.
    • 100% made in the USA

    30mm Beer Tap Handle

    Bullet Tap Handle

    • The 30 mm Beer Tap handle is made from a once-fired 30 mm casing and a replica projectile — the same round fired out of an A-10 Warthog.
    • The handle is matte black with a gunmetal gray projectile.
    • They’re almost a full foot  long and weigh about a pound each.
    • It has tap-friendly threading through the primer pocket so it’ll fit any standard tap.
    • It’s made in the U.S.A and features custom engraving for your friend’s name or whatever type of beer he’s got on tap.

    Other Cool Drinking Accessories for Your Drinking Buddies

    Beer Soap

    Beer Soap

    • Another great gift idea for your beer-loving buddy, Brewer Shirts makes a line of all-natural beer soap.
    • These soaps will leave skin feeling squeaky clean while maintaining its natural oil barrier.
    • This is a novelty item that is original and fun, without being yet another new beer to taste.
    • The soaps smell fantastic, available in scents such as warm Coffee Stout of fresh, floral, New England IPA.

    Six Shooter Pint Glass

    Six Shooter Pint Glass

    • The Six Shooter Glass Pint is designed to resemble the classic Colt revolver cylinder — just a wee bit larger, at over 4″ tall and almost a pound and a half in weight 
    • The glasses are CNC machined from anodized aluminum.
    • You can custom engrave the pint glass with up to 2 lines of text.

    Monthly Beer Subscription

    • Don’t know much about beer but have a buddy who’s a Craft Beer Connoisseur? Treat him or her to a monthly craft beer subscription and he’ll get a variety of curated beers delivered once a month.
    • You can select the duration of the monthly deliveries — keep it simple and go with a month or two, or stretch things out over 6 months or a year if a particular friend is deserving.
    • Depending on your budget you can select U.S only microbreweries or even international brews to treat your friends taste buds with new and exciting beer choices every month!

    Floating Beer Pong Game

    Beer Pong

    • The party animal in your life will truly appreciate this unique gift.
    • This floating beer pong game is perfect for the beer drinker with a competitive streak and will encourage many a fun day-drinking session.

    Beer Shirt Subscription

    craft beer shirts

    Along the same lines as the beer delivery service we mentioned above — a Shirts on Tap subscription will get your friend a monthly delivery of a high-quality t-shirt from a craft brewery in your city of choice. Choose from San Diego, Portland, Seattle, or a handful of other options, pick your size and shirt style, and you’re all set. Each shipment will also include some combination of stickers and coupons for use at the respective breweries.

    Black Barrel Beer Mug

    Barrel Beer Mug

    • The Black Barrel Beer Mug has a glossy black finish, thick insulated walls, and a convenient handle. It can hold 17 ounces.
    • It also has a foam bottom to prevent scratching your tabletop.
    • You can get the mug custom engraved with a max of 3 lines, with up to 15 characters per line.

    Set of 4 .50 Caliber Coasters

    Coaster Set

    • This set of .50 Caliber Coasters is designed after the iconic .50 BMG round with life headstamps, rings, and primer “dents” and foam feet on the reverse to protect your table or bar.
    • They’re molded with L C 0 5 carved deep into the surface which signifies that the .50 caliber “bullet” was made at the Lake City munitions plant in 2005.
    • You can get these coasters custom engraved on the reverse side with up to five lines and up to 25 characters per line.
    • They’re about 3.5 inches in diameter.
    • 100% made and sourced in the U.S.A.


    It doesn’t have to be impossible to find the perfect gift for your beer loving friend, whether they love lager or they love the hops! Keep these unique beer-centric products in mind when the next wedding or birthday comes up!

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    Did we forget any? Post your suggestions in the comments!