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20mm Custom Tap Handles | Horizontal Text Review

20mm Custom Tap Handles | Horizontal Text Review
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Say you went for a trip outside the state and you walk into an unfamiliar bar one Saturday, what do you always look for once you pass the bar table? The wine collection, the inverted wine glasses and the attractive people lounging about waiting for their orders are some of the things you would look at right? But what makes you look a little longer? The bartender perhaps, or is it the beer that he is pouring from the tap that has a 20mm Custom Tap Handle with horizontal text?

Admit it. A long custom tap handle line is as eye-catching as the number of attractive people trying to score free drinks from the barkeep. It also helps that your favorite fermented beverage flows freely from the keg through the kegerator and the out through the beer faucet, foaming and inviting you to dive into the pleasure that it promises.

But then again, the attraction does not stop there. Here are some of the benefits of having a customer beer tap handle:

Custom bar tap handles also serve as a display of ingenious artistry and exquisite craftsmanship. What’s more is that expert bar goers prefer custom tap handles mostly because the beer they pour is, for the most part, craft beers that offer a different experience. Recent studies also showed that bar-goers are attracted by unique designs and would stay longer and discuss their curiosity with the barkeep or with other patrons.

Tap handles also remove the influence of brand recognition since you are choosing a draught that does not and should not taste like commercial beers. Also, since custom handles are often designed to catch attention rather than promote a brand, taste becomes the only criteria for judging and adds to a more sensual bar experience.

Another benefit of having a set of custom tap handles is that it gives customers the opportunity to connect with the beer, with the barkeep, and with the bar itself. Custom tap handles lend their identity to the bar especially if you have something unique like a 20mm Custom Tap Handles with Horizontal Text.

Choosing the Right Bar Tap Handle

When purchasing a custom tap handle, it is important that you at the following:

  • Design – as a rule of thumb, the more unique the design, the more prominent the tap handle will be. Having such a handle can give your taproom or bar a big boost, especially if the tap handle is associated with great tasting beer.
  • Weight – custom bar taps handles can come in all forms and sizes and sometimes the tap handles can be too heavy and cause a leak with your beer faucet.
  • Threading – the majority of custom bar tap handles fit a standard beer faucet but not all of them would have the same threading and might become a loose fit instead. Check the specifications for threading details if available.
  • Color – color is not much of factor, much like the design is, but it does add to the attraction. However, as another rule of thumb, the more unique the design, the more interest it gathers. The more interest, the better for you, regardless if you’re the owner of the bar or a patron-connoisseur



The 20mm Custom Tap Handles with Horizontal Text comes with the following features:

  • It is made with an authentic 20mm casing that was once fired and combined with a demilitarized projectile.
  • The custom tap comes with a matte black coloring that highlights the custom engraving.
  • This custom tap handle is about 7 inches long and weights half-a-pound.
  • The threading located in the primer pocket can fit any standard beer tap.
  • Engraving is included and can be customized to anything you would like.


  • The custom design blends well with the whole bar set-up and is unique enough to generate conversation between customers and the barkeep.
  • The size of the bullet casing is large enough to provide good leverage when pouring out beer from the tap, yet it is not too heavy to cause a leak.
  • These unique tap handles make a perfect gift for active military personnel and veterans alike. Even gun aficionados would find a liking with it.


  • The custom engravings are fun, but copyrighted beer labels are off-limits due to existing property rights law. A custom label can be ordered or created to help newbies identify the beer.
  • The matte black color can make a little drab if placed beside more colorful bar tap handles so make sure to place it where it can stand out without any effort.


The 20mm Custom Tap Handles with Horizontal Text is ideal for any bar or taproom that is looking for a unique addition to their tap lines. The spent 20mm casing make for great conversation pieces which help the bartender connect with customers faster with a story about its supposed origins.

The design is catchy, and military personnel can add their embellishments to the story if they want to. The finish is matte black which allows it to blend with the other tap handles in the line. 


There are only a few products that have the same design and caliber as the 20mm Custom Tap Handles with Horizontal Text and they all have the same general features and design. The difference is how well this 20mm Custom Tap Handle performs on the job. The custom engraving also helps in making this one stand out from the rest.


A tap line with a good selection of customer tap handles is never complete without a tap handle that is made from authentic bullet casing. Sure, you can see bullets almost anywhere, but these 20mms were once fired and have been up-cycled to become something that cannot kill or hurt people.

The 20mm Custom Tap Handles with Horizontal Text adds character and builds connection, and for a bar, these are the two most important things that only a custom tap handle can give.

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