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30mm Custom Tap Handles | Horizontal Text Review

30mm Custom Tap Handles | Horizontal Text Review
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Brief on beer tapping

Beer enthusiasts have tasted almost every type of commercial beer in the market today, and the majority would vote in unison that handcrafted beers offer a better taste. They will also say that crafted beers that came from a custom tap taste a whole lot better than regular ones. Custom tap handles come in all shapes and sizes, but nothing can beat the 30mm Custom Tap Handles with horizontal text, with its size and authenticity.

The 30mm Custom Tap Handles with Horizontal Text combines history with the art of beer craftsmanship. These custom beer tap handles are great conversation pieces that not only keeps the beer flowing but it also keeps the good times rolling.

The Can, the Tap, and the Bottle 

In the world of beer drinking, liquid heaven can be found inside a can, a bottle and a big ass keg, which can be accessed via a tap and a tap handle. But what separates the bottle from the can, and the keg that rises above the rest? 

  • Cans prevent light from penetrating towards the liquid and gives the beer it a distinctive bad taste and a funky smell. Cans are also cheaper to produce than bottles or kegs, but a poorly maintained cannery can result in contamination. The flimsy make of beer cans also makes it a poor choice for storing beer for a long period. 
  • Beer bottles are dark colored by choice so that the opacity will prevent light from passing through, making ideal for aging beers, where it does much better than a can can. Beer bottles are also great marketing tools too with their funky and cool designs, and they are easier to grip than cans. Beer bottles also retain the coldness better than taps or cans. 
  • Draught beers, or beers on tap, on the other hand, are fresher and taste a whole lot better than either canned or bottled beer. Draught kegs also tend to be delivered faster because it does expire faster than either canned or bottled beer. This is not a downside if ever, the only flaw here is that the tap lines, if not maintained properly, can alter the flavor and contaminate the beer. 

Why Choose a Custom Tap Handle? 

While essentially not part of a kegerator set-up, custom tap handles offer something else.  It helps connect the drinkers to the drink, especially if the tap handle has a design that they share something in common with. 


Features of the 30mm Custom Tap Handles with Horizontal Text 

Take the 30mm Custom Tap Handles with Horizontal Text for example. These custom tap handles were fired from an actual A-10 Warthog, which has a strong connection with the United States Air Force and has seen service during the Gulf War and the other conflicts in the Middle East. 

This kind of history makes it easier to connect with active members of the military, army enthusiasts and, most notably, veterans. It reminds them of the good times and encourages them to talk about their experiences some more. 

This custom tap handle comes with these added features:

  • Matte black coloring for that blended look and it highlights the engraving too.
  • Authentic once-fired 30mm casing combined with replica projectile.
  • The tap handle is 11.5 inches long and weighs about a pound.
  • The threading of this beer tap handle fits any standard beer tap.
  • Custom engraving is included and can be anything you would like. 


  • The tap handles fit any standard beer tap without any glitch. The weight of the tap handle does not affect the performance of the tap itself. 
  • The matte finishing provides a non-slip grip, and the size of the bullet casing makes it easier to manipulate the tap even in the worst hand conditions. 
  • The engravings and the bullet casing make for great conversation starters, and many around has been shouldered by military personnel having a good time. 


  • Trademarked labels cannot be engraved due to existing copyright laws. It is suggested that a separate label is ordered to be placed on the tap for quick identification. 


The 30mm Custom Tap Handle with Horizontal Text is a great idea for your taproom or bar. It’s threading fits any standard bar tap and comes in a matte black finish that comes with the custom engraving of your liking. The authentic bullet casing gives a great hold of the tap and provides your tap extra leverage when dishing the golden liquid. 


There are very limited products of the same caliber as this custom tap handle, and they all have the same features like the threading that can fit any standard beer tap and the big casing that gives any barman a good grip and handle. The bigger size of the tap handle provides enough power to master any kegerator. 

The difference that this custom tap handle has is the custom engraving that comes with the order and is free of charge. You can have it engraved with your name or whatever your draft is named for. 


Having a kegerator means a more flavorful beer drinking experience and to add to the already busting flavor of the great beer, a custom tap handle with the engraving of your choice adds character to your bar set-up as well as to the drink itself. 

Speaking of character, nothing adds more to the ambiance of a bar than a spent A-10 30mm round serving flowing beer to parched customers who would want to reminisce their glory days serving the country. 

For country or love, adding a custom handle, like the 30mm Custom Tap Handle with Horizontal Text, can spell the difference between success and failure when it comes to serving draught beers. Any custom tap handle can do but a 30mm Custom Tap Handle with Horizontal Text is unique and would leave beer drinkers with something to talk about even when they are in another bar.

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