5 Cool Gifts for Your Future Husband

5 Unique Groom Gift Ideas from the Bride

Wedding traditions are still a staple of most modern weddings. We strive to keep tradition and fundamentals within our families and within our hearts. We want to share a part of our traditions with our children and our children’s children.

As well as standard wedding gifts, exchanging bride and groom gifts can be an integral and bonding moment for your groom and you. We all know that picking out the perfect gift can be nerve-wracking but picking out the perfect gift for the perfect man in your life? That’s a task you don’t take lightly.

You want something with sentimental value and something that won’t go out of style. So, we gathered some unique (and really cool) wedding gift ideas to surprise your husband-to-be!


1.  Round Silver Cuff Links

 Silver Cuff Links 

These cufflinks are great for a future husband who dresses well for work on a regular basis or to have handy for formal events and, of course, your wedding day.

  • Groomsmen Central has a variety of cufflinks to choose from.
  • This pair has a shiny finish since it’s made of nickel.
  • You can custom engrave these with an initial on the face of each cufflink with various fonts to choose from.


2.  Customized Growler Kit

 Custom Growler

Is your groom a beer lover? If so, he is sure to love this customized growler to show off to his groomsmen, making this one of the best gifts on the list.

  • The Groomsmen Central’s Customized Growler Kit uses a .50 caliber BMG ammo can to hold the growler. You can choose to have the company strip the original paint and replace it with either a sleek black gloss or a sleek red gloss powder finish. Or, for a vintage look, you can keep the OD green paint and stencil markings.
  • The interior and insert are made of custom felt to hold the growler.
  • The growler is made of stainless steel and holds 1 liter of beer.
  • You can get the ammo can custom engraved with a special message for your groom. If you choose the black or red gloss, you can get the ammo can engraved on both sides. The original OD green paint ammo can offers only single-sided engraving. 

3.  Deluxe Wet Shaving Kit

 Wet Shave Kit

This shaving kit is a great gift for a groom who keeps up with hygiene and is dedicated to fighting stubble.

  • Gentlemen Jon’s Deluxe Wet Shaving Kit has everything a groom needs for a clean-shaven face. It has a Canvas and Leather Dopp kit bag to hold everything together and a gunmetal color for a sleek look.
  • The kit includes an alum block, 5 Astra shaving blades, a badger hair brush, a safety razor, sandalwood shaving soap, a shave stand, and even a stainless steel shaving bowl.
  • All the items in this deluxe shaving kit are high quality so don’t worry about getting junky razors that you have to replace constantly.
  • The canvas and leather bag have a nylon water-resistant interior.
  • The razors bring a nice close shave so he isn’t stuck with left behind stubble.
  • These razors are made for “precision and comfort,” leaving less razor burn.
  • The badger hair brush is made with real black badger hair to exfoliate and open his pores.
  • The alum block is great for stopping small nicks from bleeding. It also cuts down on irritation from shaving.


4.  18ct Rose Gold Pocket Watch

 Pocket Watch

Is your groom always late? A pocket watch is a timeless gift for your future husband. It brings a bit of style to his outfit and a convenient way to keep track of time.

  • The British Gold Company offers an 18ct rose gold plated full hunter pocket watch.
  • It’s a reliable quartz operated pocket watch that comes with a rose gold chain. The clock dial is black with rose gold hands.
  • It comes with a gift box to hold the pocket watch. The interior of this gift box is a polished and hinged box with a ribbon to wrap it in. The interior is lined with luxury leather.
  • You can get the pocket watch engraved with your groom’s initials (English Monogram) for FREE.
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity.


5.  Survival Kit

 Growler Kit

The Survival Kit set and case will last your groom for decades. This great gift idea is a complete set for your classy and confident man.

  • Groomsmen Central’s Survival Kit is an ammo can gift set. It includes a pair of stainless steel pint glasses, a stainless steel flask, a funnel, and a .50 Caliber Bottle Opener.
  • The case is a repurposed .50 caliber ammo can. They strip the original paint and powder coat it. You can choose either a sleek gloss black or a sleek gloss red for the finish. Alternatively, you can leave it with the original OD paint and the original stencil markings for a vintage look.
  • The inside of the ammo can is a custom molded felt insert.
  • You can get a custom engraving on the outside of the can as well as on every item that comes with the gift set.


You can keep tradition very much alive on your big day. You’ll still find brides searching for something blue to wear at the last minute and you’ll still witness brides tossing their bouquets for other women to fight over.

Wedding photos will be taken with family members galore and fathers will continue to walk their daughters down the aisle. Just the same, brides and grooms will still cherish giving special gifts to each other on their wedding day. It’s not an expectation to trade a gift with the one you’re about to marry because sharing a union of love is gift enough, but if you choose to exchange gifts with your groom it can bring you even closer together on your special day.