5 Great Retirement Gifts for 2018

5 Classic & Unique Retirement Gift Ideas for 2018 

It can be a tough time losing one of your favorite co-workers as the result of their retirement. Whether you have to say goodbye to a star employee who has been with you from the start, or a trusted colleague with whom you have developed a genuine friendship, it’s never easy to part ways.

However, spectacular retirement party gifts may be just what you need to show your co-worker or loved one how much you care for them, and how happy you are to see them enjoy the freedom that comes with retirement.

Of course, while many of us are counting down the days until we can finally retire, we also know that it can be a hard process to say farewell and means a major adjustment to a totally new lifestyle. When you buy a retirement gift, it can be more than a great way to congratulate a co-worker for their incredibly successful career. The best retirement party ideas should also act as a compassionate reminder that they can still depend on you to help in any way to make retirement the best possible experience.

You may have the perfect retirement speech ready, but finding the most thoughtful retirement gifts can be a challenge, especially for co-workers who you may not know very well on a personal basis. Luckily, there are plenty of smart and affordable options available, from cheeky barware to clever and practical gadgets that honor heroic military service.

Personalized Flask

Steel Personalized Flask

Any great retirement party should have particularly lax rules when it comes to having a drink, but even if you have a particularly restrictive boss, you can still help your friend celebrate.

After all, what better way to say “congratulations on never being prohibited from day drinking again” than with a personalized flask? It’s a gift that retirees will hopefully be able to use for years to come and is a great option if your workplace has a healthy and easy-going culture.

For under $30, you can customize and engrave a flask through Groomsmen Central—just as long as you can make sure your recently retired friend is willing to invite you over to help make good use of it (after work hours, of course).

Military Retirement

Military Salute

Retirement is always a cause for celebration but we can all agree that our veterans deserve a little extra respect and acknowledgment.

If you have a veteran in your life who is retiring, your gift should be more than a token of celebration and pride. It should also reflect the sacrifice your friend has made for their country, and a way to honor their service.

With a bullet bottle opener, you can give a gift that focuses on the carefree days ahead, while remembering the sacrifices of the past. Each bottle opener was made with a real casing from a .50 caliber bullet that was once fired in the line of duty.

It is certainly a cool and memorable gift for any retiree, but the service members in your life would particularly appreciate a present that commemorates—rather than erases—their past experiences.

Better still, you can engrave the bottle opener for an added flair of personalization, and you can also sleep well knowing that the product is 100% produced in America. The only thing to be wary of is that it is not recommended to be brought on flights or for any international travel, as authorities may confuse it for a weapon.

Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs

Everybody dreams of a future where they can retire comfortably and spend their days lounging by the pool or out on the greens working on their swing.

You can help your friend inch even closer to this reality by gifting a golf club set. This gift may err on the pricier side but it is, after all, an iconic and universal symbol of retirement, freedom, and relaxation. If nothing else, it offers a perfect excuse to invite your friend to the driving range for a weekend afternoon and keep a friendship going long after they pack up their desk and make their final commute home.

If a full golf club set is a little out of your budget, you could always consider buying season-long memberships or even day passes to local country clubs and golf courses.

Casual T-Shirt 

Graphic T Shirt

With no more dress codes to adhere to, retirees are free to wear whatever they want. While you should not condone any Hawaiian shirt addiction or enable friends who still think it’s trendy to wear rubber sandals, the truth is that retirees can and should embrace casualness and comfort.

This means buying some outfits that are less appropriate for a Monday morning in the office and better suited for Friday nights at a beachside bonfire. Using platforms such as Etsy and Amazon, you can easily find graphic T-shirts and sweaters that range from mildly funny to outrageous. Funny tees and “beer shirts” are trending right now and, although they might not be the right choice for your next meeting, they are perfect for the person who spends their days with nowhere to be. 

It’s the perfect way to poke fun at your colleague while also helping them embrace retirement—and dress right for the part.


Custom Koozie

Koozies are easy gifts that are practical. They are even better when they are made of fashionable and durable leather and can be personalized to perfection. Commemorating a retirement can be an emotional and complex experience. Why not make it easier by gifting a cool koozie and possibly adding the first drink to break it in.

As thoughtful and fun as a koozie can be, it also helps that, in all its customized and engraved glory, it still comes in at under $10.

If this sounds like a perfect (not to mention affordable) gift for the retiree in your life, you can read more about the product and order it online here.

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