50 Caliber Money Clip Review

Modern fashion is about fine lines and simple trims. Most designers don’t take accessories, like wallets and mobile phones, into consideration when drawing their lines and drafting their templates. In relation, more and more men seem to believe that the fatter the wallet, the richer you look. Place these two statements side by side, and you would have a pair of finely cut dress pants with an irritating wallet bulge. This is where trinkets like the 50 Caliber Money Clip can come into play.

What are money clips?

Money clips are just what they sound like, clips to use for money. On a serious note though, money clips are like paper clips that have a stronger hold and can compress a thick wad of bills into something that doesn’t create a huge lump in your wardrobe.

Fashion isn’t always a priority for men and the finer points of style seem to escape most males. Your style including the way you choose to keep your money can say a lot about you. An unsightly wallet bulge doesn’t create the impression of wealth; it gives the impression of carelessness or lack of organization, neither of these are flattering.

Studies and surveys have been done about this issue, and it does seem that having a money clip somehow forces people to scrimp down on the things they would usually place inside their wallets. Moreover, being able to separate money from the rest of the usual wallet contents can create a balance when it comes to their overall fashion appearance.

Benefits of having a money clip

Besides the obvious benefit of being fashionable, here are a few more reasons to get a 50 caliber money clip: 

  • Better Pocket Organization

Having a money clip helps segregate the contents of your wallet; cash in the clip and cards inside the wallet. 

  • Better Budgeting

Having a money clip also lets you split up your cash, separate enough money for daily use and just let your wallet eat up the rest. 

  • Better Security

Having a money clip lets you have two separate things to store money with. If you get robbed, you can give whichever has the lower amount of cash. 

What are the types of money clips? 

There are the traditional money clip and hybrid wallet/money clip that’s a relatively recent introduction in the marketplace. This is the money clip wallet, which not only holds cash but can also “clip” cards in as well. 

Money clips are produced with various metals and features including:

  • Precious Metals

These paper clips are usually made from any of the following: brass, silver, titanium, stainless steel, gold, and platinum. These are the most common paper clips and can hold cash pretty well, but its strength is its weakness as it cannot hold anything thicker than its current width. Titanium money clips only come in black and silver and are very hypoallergenic. 

  • Magnetic

Magnetic money clips are two strips of magnet sandwiched between two strips of leather or any other fabric. These can’t hold a significant amount of cash and are less durable due to the flimsy materials.

  • Carbon Fiber

These are new to the money clip market and enjoy all of the benefits of carbon fiber. Meaning, it is flexible and durable at the same time. The carbon fiber money clip can be difficult to find. 

Why Choose the 50 Caliber Money Clip 

The 50 caliber money clips are made of stainless steel which is an ideal material to use for money clips. The money clip has an additional element of style that sets it apart from a typical money clip. The money clips feature a coin stamped with a Lake City 50 BMG casing. 

This highlight adds a stylish accent to your money clip, and its unique bullet head design is an excellent conversation piece. Other than style points, here are some reasons why you should buy a 50 Caliber Money Clip: 

  • Save Planet Earth

The bullet head coin is made of recycled bullet shells. Turning them into accents and accessories can help save the planet. 

  • Raise Awareness

The 50 Caliber Money Clip is a discussion starter and leads towards the importance of our military and veterans.https://www.bullets2bandages.org/collections/accessories-for-groomsmen/products/50-caliber-money-clip

Features of a 50 Caliber Money Clip 

  • Genuine US Casings

The coin on the 50 Caliber Money Clip is made of genuine U.S. casings cast to the specifications of the Lake City .50 BMG casing. 

  • Upcycled

The 50 Caliber Money Clip is made from actual spent 50 caliber bullet casings and refurbished into this beautiful accessory. 

  • Lasting Shine

This money clip is highly polished and finished with a layer of anti-tarnish oil that makes the shine last for a long time. 

  • No Pocket Damage

The 50 Caliber Money Clip compresses money effectively, leaving no sign of wear generally associated with carrying a thick wallet. 


  • The unique design of the 50 Caliber Money Clip makes it the perfect gift for gun lovers and active military personnel. As memorabilia, it’s also a good present for veterans and retirees. 
  • The 50 Caliber Money Clip has substance but not too heavy to be a hassle to carry. On its weight alone, it can replace a wallet. 


  • As with most money clips, the 50 Caliber Money Clip isn’t made for carrying large amounts of cash. 


The 50 Caliber Money Clip can add to your personal style with its authentic bullet casing and anti-tarnish coating. Its ability to hold money tight and prevent anything within its grip from getting lost adds function to its unbeatable form. Being made of refurbished U.S. bullet casing, it not only saves you pocket space; it also helps save the planet. 


One item that we compare the 50 Caliber Money Clip to is the 12 Gauge Spent Shell Bullet Ammo Gun Money Clip. Both of these money clips can hold the same amount of cash but the 12 Gauge Spent Shell Bullet Ammo Gun Money Clip has a couple of disadvantages.

  • The 12 Gauge Spent Shell Bullet Ammo Gun Money Clip breaks easily, especially at the bend.
  • The bullet casing on the 12 Gauge Spent Shell Bullet Ammo Gun Money Clip doesn’t look and feel authentic, more like a plastic replica.
  • The money clip doesn’t fully close when a thick wad of cash is placed inside for safe keeping. 


If you are looking for a stylish money clip to accentuate your formal outfit or just get rid of the thick bulge that is your wallet, the 50 Caliber Money Clip is the best choice. It’s made of quality material and is coated with an anti-tarnish mixture, making it a beautiful conversation piece.