Top 5 Best Man Gifts for 2018

Gifts are the best way to express love and gratitude towards people who are valuable to you. Although there is a wide range of possibilities found when searching for the top best man gifts, the item must be selected after considering the best man’s hobbies and personality. As there are various types and categories of men’s gift items available over the internet, choosing the perfect product for your best man can be a difficult job.

In order to help you, we review five ideal gifts which are attractive and beautiful enough to be presented to your best man.

Great Best Man Gifts: Your Options

“Silver Bullet” Best Man Bundle with Cufflinks and Money Clip

This 3-in-1 surprising gift package can be the ideal product to consider when searching for best men’s gift items. As the packaging includes an elegant bottle opener, money clip and a pair of cufflinks, it can prove to be the perfect wedding gift.

The .50 caliber bottle opener is presented in a custom engraved gift box which can be designed according to your own style. Made out of a custom-engraved and nickel-plated material, the bottle opener is great for your groomsmen, best man, and father of the bride.

Whether you wish to use it as a decorative item or as an everyday bottle opener, the product will surely impress your loved ones. Moreover, both the bottle opener and the box can also be personalized with custom engravings which are done by veteran craftsmen. The other items included in the packaging, the .50 caliber money clip and a pair of .50 caliber cufflinks add further charm to the style statement of every man.

In order to add a subtle essence of detail and decency, these pair of cufflinks can be worn with both business and informal attire. Featuring a polished exterior, the cufflinks are a great addition to their everyday style. Moreover, the .50 caliber money clip is designed to fit perfectly into the pocket and keep money safe and secure.


  • Best value for the money as this package includes three high-quality items which feature unique design patterns.
  • The .50 caliber bottle opener can be used for decoration and daily-use.
  • Cufflinks are stylish and can be easily paired with all sorts of everyday attire.
  • Money clip protects your cash and can also be used as a status symbol.


  • The bullet theme may not appeal to every guy in your wedding party.

Nickel 30mm Custom Tap Handles (Vertical Text)

Beer enthusiasts can judge its taste and quality in a single sip and of course by the beer tap. As crafted beers usually come from a custom tap, they have a unique taste and blend which is amazing as compared to conventional beers. Custom tap handles are available in various types and sizes but there is certainly no match for the 30mm Custom Tap Handle.

To help you in purchasing this exemplary gift for your beer-loving friends, the 30mm Custom Tap Handles are designed to deliver the real brewing experience. As they feature a smooth and glossy finish, attaching to any standard tap is not an issue. The matte black tap handle is crafted out of a real once-fired 30mm casing combined with a replica projectile which can also be custom engraved to print the desired text, and an 11.5-inch long tap handle.

Made in the United States of America by veteran craftsmen, the bullet used to produce these custom tap handles were fired from a real A-10 Warthog. As it helps drinkers to drink with convenience, the product can be the ideal gift essential for your beer-loving friends.


  • Matte finishing makes this item non-slip, and the tap handles are designed to fit properly over any standard beer tap.
  • The low weight of the item never affects the performance of the tap and makes it easier to manipulate.
  • The product can be customized.
  • It is not just an ideal gift but can also serve as a collectible since it is made from a bullet fired from an A-10 Warthog.


  • Not every groomsman will have their own beer tap.

Nickel 30mm Custom Tap Handle (Horizontal Text)

If your man is a real beer lover, there is certainly no better gift to present other than the Nickel 30mm Custom Tap Handle (Horizontal Text). Custom tap handles are introduced in different sizes and shapes as each of them deliver a unique beer-tasting experience. This outstanding nickel-plated finish 30mm custom tap handle is absolutely tarnish-proof and scratch-resistant which makes it long lasting as well.

Made out of a 30mm casing previously used on the A-10 Warthog, the product is designed by veteran craftsmen from the USA which makes it a perfect combination of style and perfection. For extra elegance and personalization, custom engraving can is available.


  • The silver outer coating makes this product shiny and attractive as the text is properly highlighted.
  • Combined with a replica projectile, the tap handle is 11.5 inches long and perfectly fits into any standard beer tap.
  • Custom engraving facility allows you to get any text printed with perfection.
  • The non-slip surface ensures the best grip and support.


  • Not every groomsman will have their own beer tap.

Pair of Six Shooter Shot Glasses

Six Shooter Shot Glass

While a set of shot glasses may seem cliche, there’s a reason why they are so popular. Many people enjoy a good drink now and then, and it’s useful to have the necessary materials in the event of an impromptu house party.


This set comes with a pair of shot glasses designed to look like the cylinder of the classic Colt Revolver – putting a new, exciting twist on traditional shot glasses.

  • Shipped in pairs in a tasteful box
  • Each shot glass can also be engraved with a single line of up to 20 characters
  • Comes with a gunmetal grey finish
  • Made of food-grade anodized aluminum coating
  • Each glass stands 1.75in in diameter and 2.5in in height, while it weighs 4oz, and holds 25oz of liquid.


  • Perfect for best men that are gun enthusiasts
  • Solid and durable


  • Six shooter motif may not be for everyone

Survival Kit

Custom Ammo Can

If you want a memorable gift, then something repurposed or unique is the way to go. This particular item is repurposed from military hardware and is sure to enthuse any military buff.


This unique kit is made from a recycled .50 Caliber ammo can, with its OD green paint carefully stripped and powder-coated with either a Gloss Black or Matte Black finish; there is also an option to leave it with its OD green paint.

  • Custom-moulded felt insert
  • Comes with a pair of stainless steel pint glasses, a stainless-steel flask, a funnel, and a .50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener
  • Comes standard with custom engraving on every part of the kit


  • Customization makes it a unique, memorable gift
  • Items included in the kit are of excellent quality


  • Difficult to carry in luggage because of their size

The Verdict

Upon our search for the greatest best man gifts, we have found the abovementioned items as some of the most ideal that you can give your best man. As each of them has their own significance and importance, the final item must be purchased after considering the style and personality of your best man.

In our opinion, the “Silver Bullet” Best Man Bundle with Cufflinks and Money Clip is a flawless package to be considered as it includes premium items and is the complete gift package.