The Best Silicone Wedding Bands in 2018

5 Best Silicone Wedding Rings in 2018

Silicone Wedding Band

Weddings come steeped in decades of tradition, some of which are, unfortunately, far more expensive than others.

Preparing for your big day should be an exciting time, but from astronomical venue fees to four-digit florist bills, it can be easy for your financial situation to put everything on a downer in the weeks leading up to your wedding. This, after already spending so much on an expensive engagement ring.

One cost that is both expected and unnecessary is the golden wedding band. Of course, you have already saved up three months’ salary for the engagement ring of the century—how else could you possibly ensure that the girl of your dreams would say yes?

But why do you need to pay through the nose for your own solid gold wedding band? This might seem like a bit of a wasteful investment, especially if you aren’t the type who is easily impressed by jewelry.

Silicone wedding bands have exploded in popularity in recent years, in part because of the economic benefits. The truth is that the average groom wants a band that can act as a symbol of love and commemorates an important and unforgettable day—not a piece of jewelry that breaks the bank.

The appeal of silicone bands goes beyond cost efficiency. Silicone wedding bands are far superior to their gold counterparts when it comes to safety. If you work in a profession that demands hard and vigorous labor, require gloves to be worn, or lead a very active lifestyle, silicone might be your best bet over a metal ring.

From heavy machine operators to emergency room nurses, workers of all kinds are opting for a band that can easily be removed, unlike gold bands, which mold to your fingers and can be impossible to take off. We may not notice it, but our fingers swell quite easily, especially in certain weather conditions.

Even women are starting to see the benefit of silicone for their own engagement and wedding bands, especially considering they are scratch-resistant and more durable than gold.

If you do not want to sacrifice elegance and style simply because you have chosen a safe and affordable alternative to the traditional gold band, we have got you covered. Here are five brands that produce high-quality, long-lasting wedding bands that are as practical as they are gorgeous.

Groove Life Silicone Band

Silicone Wedding Band

Marketed as the “World’s most breathable ring,” these wedding bands from Groove Life are a popular option for those looking for durability above all else.

Although it may not feel quite like your conventional ring, the patent-pending design has a softer outer band and a slightly harder inner band. Under high tension, the Groove band will separate, protecting your fingers.

Groove Life offers a versatile selection of colors and designs, from a fun, contemporary midnight black and raspberry red combination to a sporty deep stone grey and glacier blue style. You can also choose from officially licensed collegiate logos, camouflage patterns, and several military and first responder designs.

Every ring also comes with a small infinity sign built into their logo—a subtle but unmistakable reminder of your lifelong passion and commitment.

Enso Classic Elements Copper Ring

Silicone Wedding Band

If you like the idea of a silicone ring that will not scratch or become molded to your finger because of swelling, but still enjoys a more conventional look, this is the ring for you.

With a gorgeous copper finish, this ring still breaks free from the typical and overdone gold look, while also maintaining an elegant and timeless feel. If you want a silicone ring that still feels like a conventional wedding band, then this is the wedding band for you.

Qalo Black Step Edge Band

Silicone Wedding Band

If you want practical, durable, and affordable, this ring is the perfect fit for you. While this ring is sized and fitted to be true to the traditional wedding ring, it offers a distinctive look that breaks away from the typical gold appearance.

By choosing slate blue, you are selecting a ring that is sure to set you apart from the legions of other grooms you know.

SafeRingz Platinum Metallic Ring

Platinum Silicone Wedding Band

If safety and workplace demands are the biggest factors in your choice of wedding band, then you should go for a brand that puts safety first as well. This ring offers a sleek metallic look that gives the appearance of a metal band, but significantly safer. This ring is non-conductive and chemically inert, yet still designed for the most authentic appearance possible.

SafeRingz is not only focused on safety—as the name implies—but also philanthropy. An American company that is proud to support the troops, SafeRingz donates some of the proceeds of every wedding ring sold toward free rings for our active service members. Nothing feels better than finding a ring that perfectly meets your needs and active lifestyle—except knowing that you are helping others enjoy the same luxury.

Knot Theory White K-Edge Design

Silicone Wedding Band

When you think about it, there may be no better color to commemorate your marriage than white. After all, if it is suitable for dresses and turtle doves at your wedding, it should be suitable for the band you will wear every day for the rest of your life.

This white design is super sleek, simple and ideal for the groom that wants something tasteful rather than flashy. Every ring is designed with an engraved love knot, a symbol of the eternity and sacredness of marriage. Knot Theory is an award-winning Canadian company and some of the world’s most influential voices on men’s fashion and lifestyle, such as GQ magazine, have chimed in with their support.

If you know that the flashiness of gold or silver is not the right fit for your style, white is the way to go. It does not draw too much attention,, but when people do take notice, they will not be able to stop focusing on the elegance and simplicity of your wedding band.

Ultimately, you have far too many things to worry about when it comes to planning your perfect wedding. You do not need to add to the list of concerns with what wearing an expensive and sometimes hazardous wedding band or blowing even more of your budget– instead, you can get the best of both worlds with a sleek, stylish, silicone ring.