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Does the Best Man Get an Extra or Different Gift? 

An upcoming wedding day is one of the most important days in a person's life, regardless if you're the bride or the groom.

In preparation for this important day, many people are asked to participate and be part of either the procession or the preparations. It's only right and justified that you get everyone gifts, but the question is, do you get the best man an additional groomsmen gift or a different gift altogether?

Members of the wedding party are usually in charge of one or more tasks in preparation for the wedding, aside from finding their suits and dresses and making sure that they can attend the wedding.

With such high pressure placed upon them, it's only right that you recognize and appreciate everyone for their efforts, especially the best man.

Choosing the Best Man 

Selecting who should be in the wedding party is not rocket science, but it does require some thought. Naturally, one would want the best man to be a long-time best friend. A guy who knows the groom well and has supported him for many years.

Of course, the groomsmen are also special to the groom, but not as much as the best man. This is the reason why the best man has a more significant role among the other men in the wedding party.

The best man traditionally has various responsibilities, including organizing a bachelor party, helping out with other wedding preparations, and making sure that the groom arrives on time to the altar.

Given all the tasks and responsibilities it's only right to show appreciation not only for the best man but also for the groomsmen.

Best Man Wedding

Showing Appreciation: Should Your Best Man Gift Be Different Than Groomsmen Gift?

Giving gifts is one of the best ways to show everyone in your wedding party how much you appreciate their friendship. Traditionally, the groom is the one who takes care of giving gifts to the male members of the wedding party, which include the best man, groomsmen, and ring bearer. The guy-to-be-wed is also expected to provide a gift to the one officiating the wedding whether it's a judge, pastor or priest, or another officiant.

But choosing gifts for the groom's wedding party is no easy task. Many grooms contemplate: Should your best man gift be different than groomsmen gifts?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to answering this question. But one might want to keep in mind that the best man has far more responsibilities than the groomsmen. Of course, all groomsmen spend effort and money in renting or buying a tuxedo or coat and tie, as well as attending the wedding itself along with rehearsal dinners, bachelor parties, and other pertinent events. 

Regardless, the best man has more responsibility than the other members of the wedding party. Sometimes, the best man along with the maid of honor are the ones to sponsor or throw a pre-wedding party for all members of the wedding. The best man is traditionally the one to organize the bachelor party, ensuring that everyone, particularly the groom, enjoys himself. These things require some effort as well as money.

Given the investments in the form of time, money, and effort that the best man gives to the wedding, then it would indeed be fitting to differentiate your gift of appreciation for the best man. He is a valuable part of not just your wedding but your life as well.

Do You Get the Best Man an Additional Groomsmen Gift?

The male wedding party is assured of a gift from the groom with emphasis on the gift given to the best man. It's up to the newlyweds though if they would want to get the best man an additional gift.

Choosing The Gifts

Just because you need to provide a different or additional gift to the best man doesn't mean that he gets a more expensive gift from the rest. No, in fact, there's another way of making the gift different from the others.

You can choose a different color, shape or material for the best man gift while the others matching gifts. For example, if you are handing out a signature pen, you can consider choosing one particular model and get a black one for the best man while the groomsmen get a blue pen.

Keep in mind that going for a more expensive gift for the best man is not a bad idea, either. After all, more is expected from him than the groomsmen, so getting a nicer gift isn't a bad idea.

Make sure to carefully choose gifts whether for the groomsmen or the best man. Since you, as the groom, know these men well, getting them a gift they’d like should not be difficult.

It's recommended that the groom does not just get any gift such as those that would end up collecting dust on shelves. Ideally, the gifts are something that they would enjoy and use. Also, be mindful of the characters or attitudes of the person receiving the gifts. For example, don't hand out liquor or alcohol to someone who's either allergic to alcohol or does not drink or even worse is a recovering alcoholic.

Groom Gifting 101

Giving gifts after the wedding is a tradition that you shouldn't overlook as the people who have attended and helped you with the preparations invested time, effort, and money for your day to be highly successful.

These gifts should be well-thought out and be given in person and not sent by courier unless the people you were giving the gifts to aren't able to attend.

Ideally, the gifts should've been bought and wrapped at least a month before the wedding day and not days before the wedding.

Your time will be limited as the wedding approaches so hurriedly going to shops and selecting a less than optimal gift for your best man and groomsmen isn't highly advised. 

Wedding Party

Wedding Party

For members of the male wedding party, the following suggestions are considered appropriate and have been known to be popular gifts to give to groomsmen.

  • Accessories. Men's accessories like ties, wallets, and belts are always a good choice and very practical. Other accessories to consider are cufflinks and watches, which can both be engraved with the initials or name of the best man.
  • Wine and Spirits. Although it wouldn't last long, wine and spirits are a nice touch and are appropriate for that friend who likes being the life of the party. 
  • Drinking Accessories. This can be shot glasses and custom beer taps, anything that the recipient can add to their collection. This is where your knowledge of your party comes in, as you would need to know their tastes and interests.
  • Pocket Tools. This is appropriate for guests who are part-time weekend warriors or even just enthusiasts of the outdoors. Pocket knives, multi-tools, and fishing lures are some of the more popular items.
  • Kitchen Tools and Gadgets. This is more for the aspiring chef and barbecue aficionado; you can give them kitchen tools like grills, aprons and even smokers depending on their culinary interests.
  • Sports Items. For the sports fan, you can give them licensed products or memorabilia like signed posters, t-shirts, or caps.

When To Give Gifts

Timing they say is everything. This saying is applicable when giving out the groomsmen gifts. Some couples choose to give out their gifts to the wedding party after the wedding reception. But this isn't a good idea as many of them will have consumed a considerable amount of alcohol during the reception.

So, when is a good time to give out the gifts to the best man and the groomsmen? The answer is simple: before the wedding.

Giving out gifts can be done during the wedding rehearsals or even the bachelor party. If handing out the gifts is not feasible at these times, then the groom can give them on the wedding day before the ceremony.

The manner of giving out the gifts can vary. For example, the gifts can be handed out individually or as a group during the rehearsal dinner, lunch or the bachelor party.

If you are getting the best man a more expensive gift than the groomsmen, then consider handing out the gifts more discreetly and privately. You don’t want the best man to feel embarrassed by the gesture and to avoid having other groomsmen envious of his gift.

Be the Best Gift Giver Ever

Always keep in mind that your best man and groomsmen are there to help you every step of the way, and a bad choice of a gift will do no good in showing the appreciation that you should want to convey. While spending for a wedding can be expensive, always leave some room for your gifts so that your wedding party will feel highly appreciated.

So, do you get the best man an additional groomsmen gift or a different gift? Absolutely if you can do it and stay within your budget. They deserve the extra gift or a special gift since their list of duties and responsibilities aren't exactly short and easy to accomplish. 

Most of all, be the best gift giver ever. Be there for your best man, the way they did for you before, during and after the wedding. It pays to have someone close to talk to and depend on.

Rhett Grametbauer
Rhett Grametbauer

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