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Your best bud has finally done it—He has finally decided to settle down and has called upon you to be his best man. What an honor it is to stand by him and deliver a speech that will help embed this meaningful event into the memory of every guest. Wait, what? Deliver a speech? We got you brother. This article will help you know how to give a best man speech in the swiftest and sleekest way possible.

We understand that delivering a speech in front of a crowd sounds unnerving, especially if this is your first time. However, with these tips, you are sure to get through this flawlessly.

5 Keys to Writing a Best Man Speech

Preparation is Key

    Some things in this life require adequate preparation and delivering a speech happens to be one of them. To avoid any mishaps, one is advised to jot down relevant points. It's also highly recommended that you do this weeks or months before the wedding.

    Recall as many personal experiences with the groom as you can and select the ones appropriate for your speech. Select those that won’t get him into trouble, of course. You got his back, remember? It's also wise to make up your mind if you intend to make everyone laugh or shed a tear or two or both. Construct a draft and correct it as you see fit.

    Killer introduction

      How you introduce your speech will determine whether you grip the party's attention. The first thing is to smile—That’s right, swoon all of the single ladies with your radiant smile! Introduce yourself briefly, let them know how you are connected with the groom. A joke or an anecdote works well, too. This breaks the ice and makes people feel comfortable.

      Keep your tone friendly and avoid using rough language since there might be children in the area as well. Lightly compliment the bride and her mother and also acknowledge the presence of those in attendance.

      Meaningful content

        Bear in mind that you only have ten minutes tops before you bore people to death so keep your speech short and sweet but with substance.

        You can focus on telling how you know the groom or the couple and if you know the story, relay how they met. The groom’s struggles to get the bride to be his girlfriend is interesting, too.

        Additionally, you can pitch in some sound advice or your best wishes for their marriage. Finally, you can finish it off with wishing them long and prosperous lives together.

        Body language

          Standing in one position without any gestures is not visually appealing; that's you being stiff. Use gestures to illuminate your speech. Engage in voice variation to give your speech some richness and to keep your audience engaged.

          It's proven that monotones bore the brain and for the love of anything holy, don't make your best friend’s wedding a snooze to remember. If you have space, move around and take advantage of this situation. Smile and use your facial expressions wisely. It sounds complicated, but it's really simple especially if you have champagne in one hand and a mic in the other.


            There are many guides dedicated to educating men on how to give a best man speech, and the one thing they all agree on is that timing is everything. Remember, the goal is to keep your speech short and sweet as this is essential to keep your audience interested until the end. You want to get the message across in the shortest time possible.

            A five-minute speech is more than adequate. If you feel that you have a lot to say, you have around ten minutes maximum. Be careful not to drag your speech out and go out of context. Nobody likes a blabbering man whose words have no form.

            The Do's and Dont's of a Best Man Speech 


            • Make certain that your speech has a flow to it. Choppy speeches make for very awkward reads.
            • You want to attract people with positive vibes that are pouring out from you. It's a wedding after all.
            • Thank those who were able to make it to the wedding.
            • Cite some personal stories in your speech. This makes the crowd feel closer to the couple and lets them understand the couple's journey.
            • Compliment the bride and the groom. Do remember the parents as well since without them there wouldn't be people to wed.
            • Ask everybody to help you toast to the couple’s marriage. This is a sign of good wishes and tiding to the newlyweds.
            • Break the ice and catch everybody’s attention with a subtle, harmless joke.
            • If you are reading from a card, raise your head frequently to engage with the audience.


            • Avoid being too intoxicated. You don’t want to be remembered as the slobbering drunk at your friend's wedding.
            • Avoid using inside jokes. It leaves people feeling left out, causing their attention to shift.
            • Let the past stay in the past. Uncovering past relationships may cause problems between the newlyweds.
            • Refrain from using curse words. Adult content and insults should be avoided at all times.
            • We all get nervous sometimes, but this is one of the events where you should be enjoying yourself. Don't overthink your speech; the audience will most likely be your friends or relatives, anyway.
            • Any negative connotations about marriage and women should be avoided at all costs. You need not rain on someone’s parade.

            If you aren't so great at writing speeches, getting some help won’t hurt. You can ask a friend to help you out or hire a professional to guide you. The most important thing is that the subject matter came from you.

            Your best man speech doesn't have to be formal or professional; it doesn't even have to be fancy, this isn't the Oscars. This is your best friend's big day! The best thing is to write from the heart; it will mean more to the groom and the bride. Your best buddy will thank you for life.

            Rhett Grametbauer
            Rhett Grametbauer

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