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You may be stuck wondering what to engrave on groomsmen gift. Who will know your groomsmen better than you will? Your groomsmen will be friends, relatives or even a sibling. If one of your groomsmen is your bride's brother and you don't know him so well, then you may need to get your brides assistance with engraving his gift.

You can probably just skip engraving his gift and just leave the wedding dates and his name, but it will be awkward if all the other groomsmen have something else engraved and he does not.

There are several gifts for groomsmen that will require engraving. Engraving gifts seem to be the trend these days. It could probably be because engraved gifts are hard to re-gift because they may have your name on it. It may also be because some sort of sentimental value is attached to the engraved gift.

They also are good items for a keepsake. So, if you are wondering what to engrave on groomsmen gift, then this article is for you as it will give you the tips and the dos and don'ts of engraving. Remember, an engraved item can last a lifetime.

Their Names

If you are going to put someone's name on an engraved item, make sure that you have the right spelling of their name. If you don't, you can probably ask your bride as she would have collected spellings of everyone's name for the wedding program or place cards.

The gift may be practical, but spelling someone's name wrong can be awkward and a turn-off. Make inquiries before you spell their name, and if you want it to be a surprise, you can use their nickname instead to make the gift seem more personal. They will appreciate their name or nickname so long as both are spelled correctly.

A Date 

No offense to grooms, but no one actually wants the date of your wedding or you and your bride's name on anything personal that you give to them. That is why there are wedding favors for people to remember the date and wedding by. If you insist on putting your wedding date and your initials on the item, make it very small.

Also, if you choose to leave out your wedding date and initials, you can put the date of the bachelor party. If you have fun groomsmen, it is very likely that the night is going to be an unforgettable one. What happens in the party should be remembered.

A Unique Quote

When engraving, you could put a unique quote that reflects each groomsman's life or attitude. You don't have to quote Shakespeare but just make it something really thoughtful. If you are unable to come up with something, then you can express a memory that you shared with your groomsman or print something that he says a lot.

Some of your groomsmen will have their own phrases and words that they use often. This will show that a lot of thought and effort was put into the engraving and the memories will last a lifetime.

A Joke

If your groomsmen are all friends and you stayed in the same dorm together in college, it is highly likely that you will share jokes and some of them will be inside jokes. These can make for really funny memories, and you may have enough inside jokes for every groomsman in your bridal party.

If you lack inside jokes, you can just get some regular jokes. Something full of puns and similes. Getting jokes off the internet is not rocket science, but just make sure that it is corny. If you want to make it about the wedding, then you can get bachelor jokes.

Their Role in The Wedding

Engraving someone's role in the wedding doesn't necessarily scream unique or personalized. You can engrave "Groomsman" or "Best Man" so that your friends can remember the roles they played in your wedding.

However, it is highly unlikely that they will forget so it may not even be necessary to get those engraved. If you do insist on doing it, then maybe you can add your initials so that they can know who it was from and you can probably also consider writing their names so that they can know that the gift was customized.

Thank You Notes

A simple thank you can go a long way. If you can't think of anything to engrave, you can just put a thank you note with the item. Thank your groomsmen for standing at your side and supporting you on your wedding day. You can even thank them for their friendship and just show them that the gift is a token of appreciation. People often assume that thanks are understood, but sometimes, for the best effects, it just needs to be expressed.

There are also many Thank You quotes that you can use. You can probably copy a quote from a postcard and engrave their name as well.

What to Engrave on Groomsmen Gift: Conclusion

Remember you have a limit of how many characters you can engrave so choose your engraving carefully. You don't want to put too many words on the item because too many words may have the engraved item looking cluttered and cumbersome.

It is impractical to put an entire paragraph on a pen, so you should consider limiting your engravings to one line. It may seem like a little when you have a lot to say, but you should be concise when you want to express your thoughts on an engraved item. Your bride or mother may be good at helping you with this exercise.

There are so many options for you to choose when engraving your groomsmen's gift. What you choose to engrave on the items will depend on the item and the person. You don't necessarily have to choose the same engraving for everyone.

You can customize. So, for one groomsman you can put his name and an inside joke, and for another groomsman, you can put his name and an expression of thanks. The most important thing for you to remember when engraving your groomsmen's gifts is to keep it simple. Complexity can be expensive if not managed.

Rhett Grametbauer
Rhett Grametbauer

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