Bullets2Bandages Best Man Bundle: A Classic Gift with a Twist

Are you confused on what gift you should get your best man or future father-in-law? You want something useful, but is also wedding appropriate? What if they do not like that engraved lighter that you are going to gift them?

These questions and more will run in your head as you scour the ends of the shops and the internet to find the perfect gift for the other special person in your wedding. For the best man, you should give something that is beyond your usual friendship pleasantries. While for the father of the bride, you should give something that holds meaning, or something that goes along the lines of traditions done in a wedding.

Venturing out of the usual classic gift norms can be risky, especially if the father of the bride is a bit on the older side. At the same time, you do not want your best man to feel that your gift is just like any other gift you have given him. So, what do you do? Stick with the classics. Good thing, Bullets2Bandages has a best man bundle that has everything that you will ever need for a classic gift.

Curious to know what this bundle has to offer? Just keep on reading to find out.

Bullets2Bandages Best Man Bundle

The Bullets2Bandages Best Man Bundle has a twist to it, by way of a glossy and flaming red surprise in an engraved box. Below, we will review this product. As such, we will find out why this specific bundle is a classic gift with a twist.


  • Includes a .50 caliber bottle opener with an engraved box
  • .50 caliber money clip
  • .50 caliber cufflinks
  • All trinkets can have an engraving with at least eight fonts to choose from.
  • For the bottle opener, you can engrave for up to two lines with 25 characters in each line.
  • For the box, engraving can be up to three lines with 25 characters per line.
  • The bottle opener has a striking bright red color that is also glossy.
  • Value for money due to the big discount you get when choosing the bundle


  • Has a lot of useful components in it
  • The color of the bottle opener is perfect for your best man who has a big and bold personality.
  • Each box can be customized
  • The gun design is unique and intricate.
  • You can help veteran charities with every purchase because a certain percentage of the sale goes straight to them.
  • The customer service is excellent, if there will be hiccups along the road, they are more than happy to assist you.
  • Personalizing each product is easy because you yourself will be able to adjust it on their website
  • The website is easy to navigate.


  • For people who are not too familiar with web interfaces, editing the order can be a hassle.
  • You have to add to your cart each product individually, instead of just entering the quantity.
  • Some engraved items can take longer to be delivered to you.
  • Not everyone is a fan of bullets or military-themed gifts

Summary of What the Product Can Offer

The Best Man Bundle has everything that you need for a classic gift for your best man or even father of the bride. The box contains items that are all made from a 0.50 caliber bullet that was once fired or used by the US Military. What is ideal is that these things are packaged individually in boxes wherein you can request for an engraving of your own choice. More than that, the products themselves can be customized with a message or with the receiver’s name.

This bundle will be perfect for someone who appreciates a pop of color, but at the same time, using classic pieces such as the money clip. They do not only have a unique design but are also useful. You just have to make sure that you make your order in advance.

Comparison with the Lucky Shot Bullet Bottle Opener

Let us focus on the main gift in the bundle that we mentioned before, which is the bottle opener. That is because the bottle opener from Bullets2Bandages stands out as it looks unique. So, what if we put it against a red bottle opener that also has a unique design? Just like the Lucky Shot Bullet Bottle Opener.

For the bottle opener from Lucky Shot, it has a different design wherein the tip does not have the solid color of red. You can also notice that the main area that is used to open bottle caps has a different shape and the curves are extremely shallow. What does this mean? It simply means that it is harder to open bottles with this type of design because you have to put in much pressure for the bottle opener to grasp the cap.

At the same time, in terms of looks, the one from Lucky Shot does not compare to Bullets2Bandages because it straight up looks like a plain bullet. The red color is not even bright enough, and the markings on it are very distracting. Surely, this type of bullet bottle opener is an excellent gift for birthday parties and other occasions, but with its features, it does not fit for a wedding.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the one from Bullets2Bandages looks very sleek and elegant. Even though it is just a simple bottle opener, the look of it really catches your eye. Further, you can really use it for its purpose because the design of the bottle opener is deep enough to open bottle caps easily.


If your best man or the father of the bride is a lover of tradition or the classics, this will be a perfect gift. When you buy this, you have a little bit of everything. You have something that is good to look at, but at the same time, something that is useful. Do keep in mind, though, that the inclusions in the bundle are not for everyone.

Why? That is because in this day and age, who uses money clips and invests in high-quality cufflinks? Still, although it can be considered as a novelty, it is still a classy gift to give to your closest friend. This bundle is the epitome of cliche wedding gifts, but with a twist because this time, you have gun-themed presents. Also, that glossy red color is eye-catching.