Bullets2Bandages Silver Bullet Best Man Bundle

So, you are not good at picking out gifts. Hence, you are currently in a massive dilemma because a month from now, you are getting married and you still do not have anything to give your best man or to the father of your bride. You have long researched what they want, what they dislike, even their needs but still, your track record of sucking in choosing gifts leave you with this restless feeling.

According to experts, the best way to tackle the situation is to get something that is usually given in that occasion. However, which one should you choose? Spare yourself from the agony of choosing and just get all of those default presents. Now, more than ever, it is possible to do that because of Bullets2Bandages Silver Bullet Best Man Bundle.

Will giving a basic gift be worth it? Read on to find out.

Bullets2Bandages Silver Bullet Best Man Bundle

In all honesty, this bundle is the basic of all basics. But just think about this, everyone goes back to basics, right? Thus, you are sure that you will get a hit gift. Below, we have reviewed this bundle by discussing its features, pros, and cons. Further, we will determine if this is really a no-brainer gift that will extremely help you with your struggle in choosing the best gift for your best man or future father-in-law.


  • Includes a .50 caliber bottle opener that is plated with nickel
  • Has a .50 caliber money clip
  • Comes with a pair of .50 caliber cufflinks
  • Each trinket comes with a box wherein you can put an engraving
  • The items themselves can have engravings on them.
  • For the bottle opener, the engraving can be as long as three lines that have 25 characters for each line
  • For the boxes, you can have four lines with 25 characters in each line.
  • You get value for your money because you can take advantage of the discount when you buy the bundle.
  • There are at least six fonts to choose from.


  • Perfect traditional gift with an option to personalize it
  • The silver color will fit a lot of wedding themes.
  • Unique design
  • You have more characters and lines to play with as compared to other bundles.
  • Both the box and the products themselves can be personalized
  • Easy to request for personalization because the interface of the website is easy to manipulate.
  • Very helpful customer service department staff
  • With every purchase, a certain amount goes straight to veteran charities
  • Fans of gun-themed items will love the true-to-life color of the bottle opener


  • There are glitches on the site when you are trying to personalize each gift for the same product; you cannot edit them all at once. Instead, you have to go back and forth.
  • For other engraved designs, it will take a longer time
  • The default design may be too bland for other people.
  • Warning from the company states that you should never travel with these items because they can be treated as weapons


Bullets2Bandages Silver Bullet Best Man Bundle is probably the easiest, most traditional, and basic gift that you can ever give someone. However, this really does not mean that it is not a good gift. In fact, this gift has it all. That is because the bundle has “manly” items that are made using a real 0.50 caliber used bullet. The good thing is that it does not have to be too plain because you have the option to customize it by engraving something on the products themselves or the box.

At the same time, you can think of personal messages to engrave on them as the number of lines, characters, and fonts that you can use are more than enough. As such, you will not just stick to the usual bride and groom initials or the receiver’s nickname or name. Just make sure that you do not bring these items during your air travels as you might have problems in the airport. Ordering this bundle ahead of time is also recommended so that you can get it on time and you can complete the order without pressure or stress.

Comparison with the Bottle Breacher Chrome Bottle Opener

Both the Bottle Breacher Chrome Bottle Opener and the Bullets2Bandages Silver Bullet Best Man Bundle are doing a good thing towards the support for veterans. So, you really can see that capitalists do not drive this type of business.

Focusing our lenses on the main item in the bundle which is the silver bullet bottle opener, the one from Bottle Breacher clearly differs in the material that was used as well as the design. It is made of chrome, and not a lot of modifications were made to it to make it look elegant. At a glance, you will just see a plain and deadly bullet.

On the other hand, the one from Bullets2Bandages was made to fit the aesthetic of a classic best man or father-of-the-bride gift. It might not compare with the one from Bottle Breacher in terms of looking like a legitimate bullet, but it has a certain elegance to its design that says, “perfect for a wedding.” Besides aesthetics, the size of the bottle opener from Bullets2Bandages is actually more ideal to be used in the long run because it provides the right equilibrium against the force of the beer caps and the pressure that you subject it to.


Yes, the Bullets2Bandages Silver Bullet Best Man Bundle is a no-brainer gift. It is the usual gift that the groom gives to his best man and the father of the bride. Nonetheless, this does not mean that it is not special. In fact, it is the opposite of it. Giving this kind of gift shows them that you value tradition and the formalities of the wedding.

Also, you will have no worries that your gift will be too plain because you have the option to customize the box and the products themselves. Frankly, the color of the items is what makes it for us. It suits a lot of occasions, so you are sure that your gift will be used somewhere else.

That fact right there is an indication of your win by choosing this no-brainer gift because you came up with something that is useful but also refined. Even though other bullet bottle openers make this bundle not the most unique gift out there, for sure, anyone will appreciate these statement pieces that are usually used for weddings.