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Best Man Duties: 11 Things Every Best Man Should Do

During your lifetime, you have been to a couple of weddings. You might have participated in weddings as a guest, if not your own. Now the time has come calling, and it’s required of you to be a best man. Since you haven’t done this before, you ask yourself: what exactly are the duties of […]

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5 Keys to Writing a Best Man Speech

Your best bud has done it — he has finally decided to settle down and has called upon you to be his best man. What an honor it is to stand by him and deliver a best man speech that will help embed this meaningful event into the memory of every guest. Wait, what? Give […]

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5 Tips for Writing the Perfect Groom’s Speech

Being a groom can be daunting, especially when it comes to writing the groom wedding speech. Whether you’re hosting a large wedding or an intimate celebration, standing in front of an audience can be nerve-wracking. How can you share your love for your bride, and thank your guests, in an entertaining yet sincere manner? Thankfully, […]

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