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When Do You Give Groomsmen Gifts?

A lot of grooms-to-be come to us with a question — when should I give my groomsmen their gifts? It’s an important wedding etiquette matter to consider, for sure. And we’ll cover the pros and cons of each potential gift-giving time in this post. But first, let’s backtrack a little bit and talk about groomsmen […]

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What to Put in Groomsmen Gift Bags

Most grooms may want to give their groomsmen a gift of appreciation for standing at his side on his special day. He may have had to be convinced by his bride to get his groomsmen something. He could, of course, leave his bride to choose out the gifts but they are not going to be […]

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How Much to Spend on Groomsmen Gifts

A wedding is a very important event in anyone’s life. There is a whole lot of planning that goes down when it comes to this special event. From selecting the venue, choosing the right caterers, stitching the attire, the list is pretty much endless. However, there is another important thing that you need to think […]

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