The Best Shot Glasses [Summer 2019 Edition]

Unique Shot Glass Options For Your Groomsmen [Or Any Other Occasion]

Need something special for your best man and groomsmen on your wedding day and want something fun that they can use again and again? Why not give these gifts ideas a shot? All jokes aside, these are the seven best ideas for shot glasses and guaranteed to be a favorite of your wedding party. 

Personalized Set of 6 Shot Glasses 

Set of Shot of Glasses

From wedding favors and Father’s Day to party favors and whiskey glasses that are unique, these personalized shot glasses are ideal. But, let’s keep it simple, shall we? These six shot glasses can be personalized individually, so you can engrave something for your groomsmen six different times. They are sure to love getting a personalized gift from you. And even better if it comes with a bottle of alcohol to share.

More info on these shot glasses:

  • Orders ship immediately, so these personalized shot glasses are great if you want something to come quickly. However, this means that you have to make sure that the engravings you submit are final.
  • High-quality glass holds up to 1.5 oz.

Personalized Adventure Stainless Steel Shot Glass Set

Stainless Steel Shot Glass

If you want to give your wedding party something a little more long-lasting, you can’t go wrong with stainless steel shot glasses. They provide all the suitability of a regular shot glass with the durability of stainless steel. Your groomsmen can throw them in their backpacks when they go camping or on vacation, and these glasses will be perfectly fine.

Even better, Stanley is known for its durability. So, while other stainless steel cups will get bent out of shape over time, you can know that these shot glasses are in it for the long hall.

And, hey, if a groomsman is named Stanley, you get to save on the engraving costs.

More info on these shot glasses:

  • Free laser engraving on up to 12 characters
  • Multiple engraving fonts to choose from
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 18/8 stainless steel

Pair of 30mm Shot Glasses

Engraved Shot Glass

“You’re the man, Dave!”  “You’re the best, John!” “Bottoms Up!”

Whether you want to make your personal message sweet, serious, or funny, you can write (almost) whatever you want on these personalized shot glasses.

Each box contains a 30mm shot glass upcycled from A-10 Warthog casings. Each case is cut down to size, deburred, and finished with a perfectly safe to drink out of matte black anodized finish.

The engraved shot glasses can be shipped for free in the US and will be individually bagged in velvet drawstring bags. So, not only does your wedding party get a personalized gift from you, but they get it in a freaking drawstring bag. If that’s not fancy, we don’t know what is.

More info on these shot glasses:

  • Each glass is 100% made in the US
  • The glasses are approximately 3” tall and 1.75” in diameter
  • Each holds 2 oz of liquid
  • The rounds come Air Force tank-killer jet target practice rounds (PGU-15/B) and thus have been never exposed to uranium projects or anything else you don’t want to consume. Each glass is 100% safe to use
  • The engravings can only hold 1–2 lines of text with up to 20 characters per line
  • The engravers will use Antique font unless you request another font online.

Stainless Steel Shot Glasses –Tru Blu Steel

Stainless Steel Shot Glass

If the 1 oz cup wasn’t your forte, you can get double the size with the Tru Blu Steel shot glasses. They still provide the durability of stainless steel while holding 2 oz of your drink of choice.

What’s more, each glass is branded with funny outlaws, such as ‘Whiskey Jack’ Daniels, ‘Jose ‘Tequila’ Gonzalez, and ‘Big Bad Vodka’ Vlad.

With all these outlaws, you better believe your groomsmen will have the best shoot-out of their lives.

More info on these shot glasses:

  • Made out of 304-grade 18/8 stainless steel, which won’t be dented by accidental drops
  • Stackable and unbreakable for easy transport
  • Dishwasher safe

Pair of Six Shooter Shot Glasses

Six Shooter Shot Glass

If your best man and groomsmen like to shoot guns, they will love to shoot these gun-barrel shot glasses. Just look at them. They look pretty sweet, right?

The shot glasses are 100% made in the USA. If you know your guns, you’ll know that the Six Shooter Shot Glasses are inspired by the classic Colt Revolver. They hold 1.25 oz of alcohol, meaning that there’s tons of space to hold their favorite bourbon, whiskey, tequila, or another shooter of their choice. 

If you want to add a personal message, these shot glasses can be laser engraved with a personal message. No matter what, your best man will love this shot glass.

Other information on the glasses:

  • Gunmetal gray finish
  • Food-grade Anodized aluminum coating
  • Each shot glass is 1.75” in diameter, 2.5” in height, and weighs 4 oz
  • Handwash only. Do not put in the dishwasher

.308 Real Bullet Handblown Shot Glass Set of 2

Bullet Shot Glass

Does a bullet count as engraving? It does now. Admit it. These shot glasses look really freaking cool. They’re hand-blown glasses embedded with real .308 bullets. Each glass holds 2 oz of alcohol and is proudly made in the USA. These shot glasses are great for any occasion so you can be sure that your wedding party will use them frequently and for years to come.

More information:

  • #1 drinkware product in its category in Amazon
  • Each glass is individually made, so everyone is guaranteed to get a truly unique gift
  • Despite this being a really cool shot glass, the manufacturer recommends you don’t show it off where live ammunition is prohibited (schools, government buildings, airports, etc.)
  • Hand wash only
  • The glass is not shatterproof or dishwasher safe

“It’s the only shot glass that’ll leave you feeling bulletproof even when you’re throwing back 100 proof!”

Mug Shots – 6Piece Shot Glass Set of Famous Gangster Mugshots 

Mughshot Shot Glass

Get it? Mug shots? It’s hilarious and a bit educational too. Each of the six shot glasses displays one of America’s most notorious gangsters. You get each gangster’s rap sheet, too, so you know what he’s famous for and why he deserved to have his mug shot immortalized on a tiny glass.

If your best man and groomsmen are “OG” then these are the shot glasses for your wedding party.

More info on these shot glasses:

  • Includes Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly, Bugsy Siegel, John Dillinger, Lucky Luciano, and Pretty Boy Floyd
  • Each glass is dishwasher is safe
  • Holds up to 2 oz of liquid
  • Can be packaged in a colorful gift box

You have tons of great shot glasses for your wedding party. Surprise them with one of these and they’re sure to be their favorite shot glasses.

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