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Custom Engraved Brass .50 Bullet Beer Tap

Custom Engraved Brass .50 Bullet Beer Tap
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There are these weird obsessions that men have with guns and bullets. That is because they predominantly take us to the Stone Age era where men would go hunting or to the present day where they are obsessed with their favorite action movies. Another thing most men around the world are obsessed with is drinking a chilled mug of beer.

So, what do you do when you try to combine guns and beer together? It can either be catastrophic or something really cool like a bullet-shaped beer tap. Having a bullet-shaped beer tap handle to pour out your favorite ale is aesthetically pleasing or makes your bar display look ten times cooler. Likewise, it can be a brilliant way to combine two things that you love, and if you own a bar, it can help increase the footfall of your joint substantially.

However, this can be a conventional idea but do you know what will make you stand out from those who use a bullet-shaped beer tap handle, and will give you all the bragging rights amongst your friends? Having one that is actually made out of a real bullet that has been used!

Unfortunately, not several companies sell this type of beer tap handles, and they are difficult to find as well. Nonetheless, we know the one that does sell real bullet handles wherein markings or labels can also be engraved as per your request. In order for you to know all about it, we have done a thorough review below.   

Custom Engraved Brass .50 Caliber Tap Handle


This beer tap handle is made from a real, classic brass-finished, demilitarized .50 Caliber BMG bullet casing that was once fired. The makers have created a threading cut inside the area of the base of the primer pocket to make screwing it on a standard beer tap for a home kegerator or a bar really simple.

This bullet-shaped tap handle that has been sourced and made entirely in the USA come in two different colors. There is a classic golden brass combination, the kind that we are all used to seeing. Whereas there is an entirely black colored version that looks classy and elegant.  

As mentioned earlier, if having a real bullet casing as your tap handle is not cool enough, you can also request the makers to engrave labels or markings on it. The engraving will be done vertically on the bullet tap handle. What is more interesting is that there are no extra or hidden charges for such. However, any specific beer brand names cannot be engraved because of trademark laws.


  • Authenticity: Only a handful of companies actually use a real bullet in making beer tap handles, which means that these are quite rare and one of a kind
  • Selection of Colors: Unlike most beer tap accessories, the makers of this product have sourced bullets of two different colors to offer you options.
  • Overall Quality: Its construction is made out of high-quality and pure 100% brass material.
  • Used Bullet Quality: The bullet used has been sourced in the USA.
  • Complementary Customization: The makers of this product give you an option to engrave anything that does not hold any trademark laws without any extra cost to make it unique.
  • An Ideal Gift: This product makes an excellent gift, especially if you have friends or loved ones that have their own bars or home brewery


  • Font Selection: The makers do not offer many options for fonts that can be used for engraving.
  • Engraving Request Process: Some customers face a certain level of difficulty when requesting for items to be engraved on the bullet.

A Summary of What the Product Can Offer:  

The Custom Engraved Brass .50 Caliber Tap Handle is a cool-looking product that will elevate the aesthetic appeal of your bar or even your home brewery. It is also is an awesome gift idea for your husband, boyfriend, relatives or buddies simply because it is made from an authentic bullet. Likewise, having it engraved can make it look more personalized and can serve its purpose fantastically well.

Interestingly, the makers have spoilt us by giving us two fantastic color options without compromising its authentic look, as well as making the engraving complementary. However, you just have to make sure that you request it earlier and all the details are precise to avoid any problems. You must not also expect that you will find a specific font that you want since they only have a few options.

Nonetheless, the cherry on the cake is that the bullets are sourced and made in the USA using durable and long lasting 100% brass.

A Helpful Comparison with another Product:   

We know that when scouting for an item, some of you would always look for a more affordable option that is why we have chosen to compare the Custom Engraved Brass .50 Caliber Tap Handle with the 50 Caliber BMG Real Bullet Beer Tap Handle. It is also made in the USA and constructed using quality brass material that has been hand polished and coated with anti-tarnish lacquer.

This is somewhat slimmer than the product we have reviewed but only comes in one color. Likewise, custom engraving is not possible which is a real drawback if you want something that will make your tap handle stand out. In addition, although the product is also pre-threaded, some customers might not be happy with the fact that the threading positions the tap handle in an angulated position.

The Verdict: 

The USA-made Custom Engraved Brass .50 Caliber Tap Handle is a product that does not just look good but also serves its purpose well. There is no question that it is made of a real bullet casing that has been sourced and finished meticulously to ensure that it will last a long time. In addition, it was threaded in a way that it can fit most faucets.

Although it is not the most affordable option, nothing beats the fact that engraving is included in the package and you have two color options which already makes it your money’s worth and gives you an insane amount of bragging rights.

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