Wedding Etiquette: Do Groomsmen Get Gifts?

When it comes to weddings and sorting out details, things can get a little confusing and out of hand. Usually, the bride handles everything about the wedding, even the smallest detail. And while the groom may have a little say about his wedding, one thing he has the liberty to do on his own is picking his groomsmen. Brides get their bridesmaids gifts, do groomsmen get gifts too? And would the male entourage it especially since more grooms are gifting their groomsmen?

Answering that question is a bit complicated and will depend on several factors. Gift giving is not a big deal for men. Usually, if they do give a gift to someone, it usually goes to the important women in their lives, or someone they have a crush for. They do it because occasion and society dictate that they do. So, if a groomsman does get a gift, it could be because the wedding planner or the bride insisted that the groom give gifts as a token of thanks. Why is it necessary for the groom to give gifts and what should be considered in gift giving?

Some people think entourage gift giving is just a trend that people do because it’s what they see in the modern world, but the truth is it is a way of showing gratitude, it just so happens that there are lots of awesome material gifts that couples can buy now to include in their thank-you-cards. Below are some factors to consider when deciding on whether to give a gift or not.

Things to Consider

●     Tradition

Tradition will dictate that a groom should get a gift for his groomsmen and any other significant males in his wedding. These significant males may include the groom’s father, as well as his bride’s father. If he is so inclined, he may get his bride’s brothers gifts as well. These gifts will represent tokens of appreciation. Parents spend a lot on your wedding, and your groomsmen will be spending money on purchasing suits and sponsoring your bachelor party. They are also going to be subject to your bride’s perfectionism on your wedding day.

If you intend to show some appreciation to the men in your life, you might want to consider giving them a little a gift that would also make them remember your big day. Not every man likes to be in a suit and tie and not every man likes to be photographed. It is simply the least you can do for the men in your life who accept this challenge for you. If you are traditional in your beliefs, then it is only right that you give your groomsmen gifts.

●     The Bride is Doing It

You should not do something because others are doing it, but once they can afford it, brides always give their bridesmaids a gift, even if it is a small token. In fact, if time allows, some brides would even make DIY gifts for their bridesmaids, and they would not make a big deal about gift giving because women generally like to give gifts. If it is a do it yourself gift, then her bridesmaids maybe even more thrilled that they got it, because it will mean that their friend put a lot of effort into the gift that she was giving them.

Since she is most likely going to find a way to give her bridesmaids a gift, and one to the groom’s mother, she is going to expect that the groom gives gifts to his groomsmen so that there can be a balance. Even if you don’t want to give a gift to your groomsmen, your bride-to-be is going to insist that you do, and if you don’t, she is going to be upset with you. So, to keep everyone happy, get your groomsmen gifts.

●     Budget

The budget can play a role in whether or not you get your groomsmen gifts. If you are on a fixed budget, then gifts for the bridal party is the last thing that will be on your mind. It is possible though that your bride will come up with an idea to save you both the ‘embarrassment’ of not giving gifts. But if your budget is a bit flexible, then gifts for your bridal party and even some well-wishers who contributed significantly to your wedding is imperative.

Even if you are not sure what gift to get, you can let your bride help you decide, because it is most likely going to be her idea anyway. If you want to do it yourself, there are so many options for you to choose from, and you just have to find the right place to get them from. You can give all the men in your bridal party a universal gift, or you can get them each a customized gift. Again, these will all be budget dependent. But your wedding planner may most likely budget gifts for the bridal party into your wedding expenses.

Final Thoughts

Do groomsmen get gifts? The answer is yes. If your bride is too busy with other wedding details, you may ask your mother or your wedding planner to help you in preparing gifts for your groomsmen. Your entourage will be supporting you on the biggest day of your life, and the least you can say to them is thanks. Most brides and grooms do it, so what’s stopping you from joining the bandwagon of giving gifts?

If you really can’t afford it, you can invite them to have a beer with you. Beer is practically inexpensive, and you can give an appreciation speech at the end. You can even have a barbecue in their honor. A good point to also note is that some grooms, give separate gifts to their best men, fathers, and fathers-in-law. You can go with this idea, or come up with one of your own. And, if you decide to get them a gift, you ought to get them a gift that is useful and practical—that is the best way to remind them of your special day.

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