What to Put in Groomsmen Gift Bags

What to Put in Groomsmen Gift Bags
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Most grooms may want to give their groomsmen a gift of appreciation for standing at his side on his special day. He may have had to be convinced by his bride to get his groomsmen something. He could, of course, leave his bride to choose out the gifts but they are not going to be from a guy’s perspective.

Furthermore, she has more important things to do than to shop for gifts for his groomsmen. That is something the groom should at least do along with planning the honeymoon and learning to dance. Every groom should know what to put in groomsmen gift bags.

Shopping for your groomsmen is not rocket science. You just have to be willing to do the research to find the perfect gift. Once you think you have figured out what to put in groomsmen gift bags, you should consider whether or not you would want those items for yourself.

Before giving a gift, you should always think about who you are giving the gift to and whether or not they would like it. You should also think about how you would feel if someone were to give you that gift. Read below for some tips on gifting your groomsmen.

Some Tips

What you put in your groomsmen bags will depend on the type of groomsmen you have. Are they nerdy or tech guys or are they into sports and outdoor activities? Also, you will want to give your groomsmen the same gift so it should be a gift that is appreciated by all persons involved.

However, you may decide to give your best man a different gift because he is, after all, your best man and the one who throw a bachelor party for you. If you consider yourself to be artistic and you have the time and the patience, you can also consider making an item to put in their bags.

When giving a gift, you should consider its practicality, it should be personal, and it should also be within your budget. Remember, you have a new life to begin after the wedding. The gifts should be personal and show that you know the persons.

So if you are doing an engraving or printing, a name or even a nickname or phrase the person uses will be cool to put on the item. Also, you should make sure that they can use the gift multiple times. It may have your wedding date on it, but that should not excuse the gift from being useful.

Something Alcoholic

You can never go wrong with including alcoholic drinks in your groomsmen bags. This should only be given if your groomsmen are drinkers. If they are not, then you should stay away from this gift idea. You can give your groomsmen a few miniature bottles of alcoholic beverages.

If you want, you can probably get them customized ones. That may, however, be a waste of money as your groomsmen are probably just going to drink the alcohol and dump the bottles. If you want to give them something sentimental, you should add to this gift idea.


You can never go wrong with glassware. Beer mugs, mason jars, coffee mugs and shot glasses will all be appreciated by your groomsmen. The gift of glassware is reusable, and it is something that they will actually use. You can make the glassware sentimental by getting your wedding date and groomsmen’s name printed on the glassware.

If you have groomsmen that you expect to be a bit clumsy, you may probably consider getting a hard-plastic material instead. It is not hard to shop for these items, and you can easily purchase them online and have sleeves included.

Something Fabric

You may have thought that fabric items may be out of your budget. However, if you have four or five groomsmen, the cost will be nothing much to talk about. Fabric gift items include pocket squares, ties, handkerchiefs or even t-shirts. You can have these items printed or embroidered with something corny.

If you intend for the pocket squares or ties to be used for the wedding, you can do a nice simple embroidery. The t-shirts can be worn by your groomsmen for a photo shoot, the rehearsal dinner, or for the bachelor party.

Edible Items

If you are going to put edible items in a gift bag, don’t spend too much money getting the items customized. They are probably going to be eaten as soon as your groomsman opens his bag.

If you are giving edible items like peppermints, you can probably include them in keepsake glassware. That way, your groomsmen with have something to remind them of the occasion after years have passed.

Toiletry Items

You can get your groomsmen some toiletry items—deodorants, lotions, razors, body sprays embroidered towels or washcloths. These are practical items, and your groomsmen will put them to good use. So, you don’t have to worry about wasting your money.

What to Put in Groomsmen Gift Bags: Summary

You have been presented with several options of what to put in your groomsmen’s gift bags, but the bags themselves have not been discussed. You can just search online for groomsmen gift bags, and an assortment of bags will come up for your perusal and purchase.

You can also buy some brown handled bags, black and white Bristol sheets glue and a pair of scissors and create your own DIY bag with a tuxedo on it. It is going to take time, but you should not attempt it if you lack patience. You can ask your bride to assist you with this activity.

If you like one or more of the options, you can give your groomsmen an assortment of items. Just bear in mind that you have a budget, so you should not splurge. If you have no budget, take them all on a guy’s trip and give them all of the gifts mentioned above.

Choose something that is within your budget. Don’t forget, that you need to make the gift practical as well as personalized. Customization is also a lovely idea, and some online stores specialize in it.