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Looking For A Set Of Custom Beer Tap Handles?

Looking For A Set Of Custom Beer Tap Handles?
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Anyone who runs a bar or who has a kegerator at home understands the need for cool tap handles (or a set of them) to mark their beer(s). Luckily, we’ve got a few solid options for custom tap handles that will fit any standard beer tap, whether it’s in a brewpub or on your kegerator tap at your home bar. 

All of our tap handles are available with single-side custom engraving so you can mark them with your name, the name of your bar/brewery, or the type of beer that’s in the keg. You can also upgrade to add two-sided engraving to your tap handles — you can repeat the same engraving that you put on the front side or have something different engraved on the reverse and rotate the tap handle accordingly based on what kind of beer you’ve currently got on tap. For instance, you could have IPA on one side and STOUT on the other side of your customized tap handles then rotate the appropriate text to the front based on what happens to be in the keg. 



Our biggest, baddest bullet tap handles are our 20mm versions, made from real once-fired 20mm casings and projectiles just like our 20mm bottle openers

20mm Custom Tap Handle

They’re also available in OD green, as you can see in this custom set we made for Young Veterans Brewing Company:

20mm Tap Handles in OD Green

 (Want to order a large set of tap handles for your bar? Contact us at [email protected] to request a wholesale pricing quote).

Our 20mm Tap Handles are made from once-fired 20mm casings — the same round fired from the M61 Vulcan cannon on F/A-18 Hornets and AH-1W Cobras as well as the Phalanx Close In Weapon System — and a demilitarized 20mm bullet. At 7 inches tall and nearly a half-pound in weight, these beasts have plenty of space for your custom engraving and will make a bold statement as your kegerator tap handles.


If the 20mm Tap Handles are too large for your tastes, you can always opt for our .50 Caliber Tap Handles in matte black:

.50 Caliber Tap Handle

…or in classic brass.

Brass .50 Cal Tap Handle

Our .50 Cal Tap Handles are made using the same once-fired .50 BMG casings, demilitarized projectiles, and manufacturing processes as our .50 Caliber Bottle Openers except for the fact that we have the base of the casing threaded out to screw onto the tap fitting rather than putting a CNC-machined notch into the side. They’re about 5.5 inches tall which allows for plenty of engraving space, particularly if you flip the text 90 degrees to have it run longways up the casing.