Our Top 7 Best Man Gifts

We’ve put plenty of focus into pitching our products as groomsmen gifts — which makes sense, given that your groomsmen will always outnumber your best man. 

However, we’ve noticed a trend in the buying habits of grooms-to-be who end up  on our website. They love picking up some of our bottle openers or shot glasses for the bulk of their wedding party, but they then want to buy something a little bit nicer for their best man…or for the Father of the Bride if they’re trying to get on his good side.

When you think about it, your Best Man probably deserves a little something extra if he’s been doing his job in the months leading up to the wedding. He’s taken on the responsibility of wrangling all your groomsmen, planning the bachelor party, and has no doubt expended some serious brainpower on preparing a powerful best man speech for the big night.

So if you’re in need of some best man gift ideas, read on.

Best Man Gift Bundle

Best Man Gift Bundle -- Bottle Opener and Cufflinks

We sell plenty of our bottle openers as groomsmen gifts by themselves, with and without gift boxes, so with our Best Man Bundle we’ve added a few things to the set to make them a little more special. 

Each Best Man Bundle comes standard with custom engraving on both the bottle opener and the gift box, and the bundle also includes a .50 Caliber Money Clip and a pair of .50 Caliber Cufflinks in either brass or nickel finish. 

Click on the photo to shop from the Matte Black Bundles, and you can also get your bundle with the bottle opener in brass (here) or in the “Silver Bullet” finish (here). 

Six Shooter Rocks Glass

Six Shooter Whiskey Glass

If your Best Man is more of a whiskey, bourbon, or scotch kind of guy, then he would probably get more use out of one of these glasses than he would with our bottle openers.

These Six Shooters make the perfect whiskey glasses — they’re machined from a solid block of aluminum and weigh in at over a pound, so you’re not likely to find a manlier highball glass on the market. Each glass holds 10oz of your favorite spirit or cocktail, making them the perfect size for a few fingers of bourbon on the rocks or for a whiskey sour. 

We can add 1 or 2 lines of custom engraving running bottom to top on each glass, so you’ll have plenty of room to include name, wedding date, “Best Man” or “Father of the Bride,” or anything along those lines. 

Groomsmen Gift Bundles

Groomsmen Gift Bundles

Don’t let the name fool you — these are perfectly fine for your Best Man. We just had to give this bundle a different name because we’d already used “Best Man Bundle” for the product at the top of this list by the time we started selling these gift bundles. 

Each gift set includes a .50 Caliber Bottle Opener, a pair of Six Shooter Shot Glasses, and a 7.62mm Keychain Bottle Opener, all with custom engraving. We’ll engrave up to 3 lines on the .50 Cal Bottle Opener and one line on each shot glass and the keychain bottle opener.

Those products are then held in place by a custom-cut foam insert that protects each piece, which is then housed inside a rosewood finish gift box that also includes up to 4 lines of custom engraving on its lid.

The photo above shows the “Silver Bullet” version but you can also get them with the bottle opener in brass (here) or in matte black (here). 

SD Bottle Factory Pints and Coasters

San Diego Bottle Factory Coasters and Pints

If your best man loves craft beer — and especially if he trends towards a particular brewery or two — then you can’t go wrong with a few pint glasses and a set of coasters made from upcycled bottles, labels, and six-pack boxes of his favorite beer. These unique barware accessories are handmade in San Diego by Eric Hollister who runs SD Bottle Factory out of his garage.

The pint glasses are made out of 22oz bomber bottles from breweries that screen-print or paint on their logos rather than using stick-on labels. SDBF then cuts them to a height of about 6 inches tall and sands the lip to a finish that’s factory-smooth. 

For the coasters, Eric covers 4″ square travertine tiles with peeled labels or cardboard beer boxes then coats each coaster with a waterproof finish that cleans easily while preserving the graphics for years to come. 

Don’t see the beer or brewery that you’re looking for? Contact Eric H. through their site or social media and he can see about doing a custom order for you. 

Silver Gift Bundle

Silver Best Man Gift Bundle

Similar to the other gift bundles posted above, this one combines several of our most popular products but it does so in a way that eliminates your need to package or gift wrap them in any way. 

With this gift bundle you’ll get one of our “Silver Bullet” .50 Caliber Bottle Openers in a gift box, a pair of Six Shooter Shot Glasses, a 7.62mm Keychain Bottle Opener, and a set of our .50 Caliber Coasters in a wood gift box — all packaged inside a .50 caliber ammo can that comes standard with whatever custom engraving you’d like to add. 

You’ll have plenty of room on the side of the ammo can to engrave his name, “Best Man,” the wedding date, or a motivational quote…or more likely, an inside joke that memorializes something dumb that he’s done in the past.

Survival Kit

I could write a full-blown description of our survival kits, or I can just point you towards the below product demo video which shows off all the features and options for these kits. 

With the Survival Kits you’ll get custom engraving on every part of the kit: the bottle opener, the two steel pints, the flask, and the ammo can.

“Build Your Own” Best Man Gift

If I was going to go this route, I’d start with one of our custom engraved ammo cans in either OD green or gloss red then I’d personalize one or both sides of the can with my best man’s name, initials, date/location of the wedding, or some sort of inside joke or embarrassing quote about him. Boom, “gift wrapping” is solved. 

Then I’d load up the can with whatever else I think he would like from our website — maybe a custom .50 caliber bottle opener and a pair of shot glasses, or a rocks glass and a set of whiskey bullets, or a custom beer tap handle if he’s got a kegerator at home.

Once you’ve received your ammo can you’re welcome add anything else he would like but that we either (a) don’t stock on our site or (b) can’t stock and ship for legal reasons. Some options along those lines would be:

  • A bottle of his favorite liquor or some hard-to-find craft beer
  • Cigars and a lighter
  • Ammunition for a day at the shooting range
  • A personalized pocketknife
  • Some low-cost (but very useful) throw-ins like a credit card bottle opener or pocket multitool
  • Customized glassware along the lines of these rocks glasses or pint glasses for your hometown or college town

You could also throw in some stuff that’s of significant personal or sentimental value — some photos or a handwritten note will go a long way towards thanking your best man for everything he’s done to get you to where you are today.