Our Top 9 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Our Top 9 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s not always easy to find the perfect gift for Father’s Day. You can go with the old standbys: a necktie, socks, or a “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug. If you’re looking for something that’s going to wow him, you have to dig a little deeper. The best gift for dad is something he would never have thought to get himself but doesn’t know how he lived without. Here are some great gift ideas for a Father’s Day gift basket.

Father’s Day Gift Bundle with Cufflinks and Money Clip

Father's Day Gifts -- Bottle Opener and Cufflinks

With this gift bundle you’ll receive a .50 Caliber Bottle Opener with up to 3 lines of custom engraving inside the Happy Father’s Day gift box shown above. The bundle also includes a pair of .50 caliber headstamp replica cufflinks in your choice of brass or nickel finish, and a money clip also featuring the replica headstamp of a 50BMG casing. 

Choose from the brass option you see above by clicking here, or go with a matte black bottle opener or a nickel-plated “silver bullet” bottle opener instead.

Baseball Stadium Prints

Astrodome Blueprint

If your dad is a die-hard baseball fan, he’ll love one of these baseball stadium blueprints. There are 18 stadiums to choose from and each designed in the appropriate team’s colors. Is dad a Pirates fan? How about a black and gold print of PNC Park? Dodgers Fan? He’ll love the bright blue and white blueprint of Dodger Stadium. There’s an option available for almost every team in Major League Baseball.

Each print has a detailed illustration of the stadium itself along with details about the architecture and history, including major events that happened at the stadium. This is a high-quality piece of artwork, too. It’s printed on museum-grade archival paper and a ready-to-hang wooden frame. These prints are all genuine works of art that are detailed simple line drawings against a bright colored background that pops in any room. Whether you go to the stadium for your dad’s favorite team or the local team for where you live, you can bet this piece will be a conversation starter.

Father’s Day Six Shooter Whiskey Glass

If Dad prefers whiskey, scotch, bourbon, or cocktails over beer, then one of our Six Shooter Whiskey Glasses might be the perfect fit for him. With a capacity of 10oz, they’ll hold a few ice cubes and just the right amount of his spirit of choice. Machined out of solid aluminum and coated with an anodized finish, these rocks glasses are damn sturdy at over 1lb in weight. They come standard with the Happy Father’s Day script engraving shown above, and you can also personalize them with 1-2 lines of custom text on the reverse.



Your dad’s a baseball fan and you remember countless hours of playing catch with him in the backyard but he isn’t a big fan of artwork on the walls. Baseballism definitely has you covered. Get dad a baseball-flavored t-shirt, bag, wallet, or cap. If your dad is a fan of the national pastime and you can’t find him something in this store then he really isn’t a baseball fan.

Whiskey Bullets

Whiskey Bullets

Is dad a whiskey, scotch, or bourbon drinker? Maybe you’ve seen whiskey stones, an alternative to ice cubes designed to keep drinks cold without watering them down. These Whiskey Bullets also from Bullets2Bandages take this concept to another level.

Whiskey Bullets are made from stainless steel and designed to look like bullet shells. They come in packs of three and you can even have a personalized message engraved on each one. Try a simple, “I love you, dad” or have you and your siblings’ birthdays inscribed on each one. Then, all you have to do it put them in the freezer for a minimum of four hours and add them to a rocks glass instead of using ice. The rounded edges won’t cause any damage to the glass and they sit on the bottom of the cup so dad’s drink stays cold without being diluted, making the last sip taste as good as the first.

Father’s Day Bottle Opener Gift Pack

Father's Day Gift Bundle

First on our list is a gift pack from us at Bullets2Bandages. We use spent military ammunition and other military-inspired products and turns them into one-of-a-kind gifts—and the perfect gift for many fathers. This gift pack contains three of our best-selling items, packaged in a wooden gift box that you can have engraved with a personalized message. This would be a great gift for a policeman, a hunter, anyone in the military, or for someone who is looking for something a little unique.

This set includes two Six Shooter Shot Glasses, a .50 Caliber Bottle Opener in matte black, and a 7.62mm Keychain Bottle Opener. Each item — plus the box itself — comes standard with custom engraving so you can personalize this special gift for dad. Your dad might have a bottle opener and shot glasses but it’s a pretty safe bet he doesn’t have a set like this, making it a perfect gift for Father’s Day.

You can also view these gift bundles with the .50 Caliber Bottle Opener in brass here or in a “silver bullet” nickel-plated finish here.

 A Fancy Shave Kit

Wet Shave Kit

Shaving and facial hair are all the rage these days, with full beards making a huge comeback. Maintaining the proper beard requires some shaving and skin care. To turn shaving into less of a chore and more of a luxury, this wet shave kit from Mike the Mason does the trick. This kit includes an old-fashioned Hawk razor with butterfly opening for blade insertion. It’s chrome electroplated to keep its shine and last a long time. These razors give a close shave without tugging hairs, making for a close, less irritating, comfortable shave — and you won’t get burned by paying $4 for a replacement blade like you will with Gillette.

The badger hair brush helps prep dad’s skin. It not only exfoliates, but it also spreads and lathers the included organic shave soap evenly so dad will have soft, smooth skin after shaving. The shave soap is a formulated blend that uses honey, oatmeal, and shea butter along with organic oils with no additives or artificial scents. The kit also includes five premium replacement razor blades and a razor stand.

Custom Engraved Black Ammo Can

Ammo Can

Whether or not you or your dad have any military experience, this Custom Engraved Black Ammo Can is a unique gift for any dad, war buff, or antique lover. This M2A1 ammo box and is what the military now uses for .50 BMG and 5.56mm rounds.

This is a watertight container with a secure latch and rubber gaskets that can keep your dad’s belongings clean and dry. It would be great to take on a camping trip to keep important items dry and protected. That said, it’s such a cool and unique item that it would be a great addition to any office or bookshelf, too.

If the ammo can itself is not enough, you can order up a can and add a handful of our products (or gifts you source elsewhere) to the inside before presenting it to Dad — and the best part is that you won’t even have to bother gift wrapping it. Just put your “To” and “From” and “Happy Father’s Day” messages on the custom engraving.

This item is available in gloss black and gloss red which come standard with custom engraving on both sides, and olive drab green which features engraving on one side and the original stenciling on one side. Because these are genuine military ammo cans, there are going to be minor dings and dents in the finish adding to their charm and authenticity.

Does your dad love craft beer or home brewing? You can upgrade to a growler kit which includes your choice of ammo can and a 1-liter stainless steel growler housed inside a custom-engraved ammo can. 

Whiskey Barrel Cufflinks

Whiskey Barrel Cufflinks

For any dad who needs to get dressed up for work or wants to look extra dapper for a special occasion, there’s the Whiskey Barrel Cufflinks. Believe it or not, these are made from actual Tennessee whiskey barrels with nickel plated clasps. They’ll definitely add a little bit of personality to dad’s French Cuffs this Father’s Day!


Monogrammed Tumbler

Father's Day Gift -- Monogrammed Tumbler

Courtesy of our sister site over at Groomsmen Central, these vacuum-insulated tumblers will keep 30oz of liquid either very hot or very cold for a very long time. They feature a clear lid and a matte black powder-coated finish that can be personalized with a monogrammed initial as well as a line of text in the letter and two lines below it.

You can also order them up in 20oz sizes by clicking here or in 12oz whiskey tumblers by clicking here.

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