Whiskey Bullets

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Whiskey Bullets® cool your whiskey, scotch, or bourbon without diluting the flavor as you would experience with melting ice cubes. Similar to whiskey stones you may have seen elsewhere, these replica rounds are made from stainless steel and will keep your drink cool in one shot. The bullets stay at the bottom of the glass and do not add any flavors or unwanted aromas, and the smooth rounded edges prevent scratching of your glass.  

***Whiskey Bullets® are sold in packs of THREE -- and are NOW available with custom engraving on each one!***


How to use:

Keep Cold Drinks Cold:

   - Wash Whiskey Bullets™ before first use
   - Place bullets in freezer for 4 hours or more
   - When ready, add 2-3 bullets per drink and enjoy
   - To clean, rinse with warm water and air dry

Our suggested usage is 1 Whiskey Bullet™ per 1 oz of whisky you pour -- in the end it's all personal preference!

* Please allow 2-3 business days for production of engraved orders *

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