Sipdarks’ Original Whiskey Bullets Review

Whiskey and other spirits can be cherished in many ways. They are best enjoyed at room temperature during cold seasons and best appreciated cold during, you guessed it right—hot summer and humid seasons. Whiskey on the rocks? Tempting. However, it is not the same whiskey once diluted with water from the melted ice. Thank the Liquor gods for whiskey bullets! Yes, there is a way you could enjoy your whiskey cold with the same full-bodied flavor!

The Value of Steel Bullets: What Purpose Do They Serve?

Whenever you and your friends chill at home to play poker, watch football, or whatever it is that you guys enjoy doing, having a glass of whiskey at hand sets the mood right and relaxes everyone. Likewise, coming home to a glass of scotch or bourbon helps you loosen up a bit and dissipates that stress cloud you got from work.

However, sipping warm or tepid whiskey may not be what you have in mind but nothing a few blocks of ice couldn’t fix, right? Your glass of whiskey will be cold in a few swirls and will taste bland from too many swirling. It’s now water with a hint of whiskey. Yep, very not enticing.

This is where a nice set of whiskey bullets comes useful. Two to three bullets on your glass can cool your drink sans the water dilution from ice meltdown. You get to savor that rich, woody taste of your favorite scotch in every sip.

How About the Fridge?

You may be wondering “why not just put the whiskey in the fridge to keep it cold and have it chilled whenever you want?” This is a valid argument. Chilling your whiskey in the fridge solves the problem, right?

Well, no one can really stop you from doing that. But the thing is, the whole bottle of that goodness will eventually cool down to room temperature and you would either need ice and risk your whiskey being diluted with water or you put it back in the fridge, and everybody waits for at least thirty minutes for it be chilled. Perfect, just enough time to ruin the party!

On the other hand, if you have some handy whiskey bullets at bay, all you have to do is put them on your glass, pour your whiskey, chill, enjoy, and repeat!

How About Stowing and Cleaning?

Cleaning and stowing a whiskey bullet are pretty basic. For first-time use, thoroughly wash it with warm and soapy water to take away any debris it comes with, especially if it is engraved. You can then place it in the fridge and wait for at least 4 hours before using it. Once it served its purpose, rinse it with water and store in the freezer until next use.

Pro Tip: Soak the bullets in iced water before placing them in the fridge to substantially decrease the time it needs to get to the freezing point.

Original Whiskey Bullets by Sip Dark

These bullets by Sip Dark are nicely styled and formed in the shape of, guess what, bullets! It has that masculine and military feel to it. These are made of stainless steel similar to the steel ice cubes. The concept is elementary—You put them in your whiskey and think happy thoughts while it chills your drink!


These precious whiskey bullets are made out of food-grade stainless steel. They are wonderfully crafted in the shape of bullets to add machismo and increase its aesthetic value. Imagine your friend’s reaction when he sees you drinking whiskey with bullets soaked in it! Priceless.

The bullet is 2.5inches in height, and 0.5inch in diameter; perfectly fits most glasses. The bullets stay at the bottom, too.

If you are in need of a manly groomsman gift at the same time wants to add something for a more personal touch, you are in luck because Sip Dark offers customization services, which comes with a very reasonable fee. You can have it engraved with a monogram, a text, or something you have designed.


  • This bullet is made of food-grade stainless steel.
  • It is shiny and stylish.
  • It is durable and hefty for their size.
  • It sinks and stays at the bottom of the glass.
  • It stays cool longer.
  • With a little fee, you can have them customized.


  • It may come quite pricey than most average similar products.


The cool thing about bullet chillers is that using them is neat. They chill your drinks like ice cubes without diluting them, which is a big no-no for connoisseurs, thus, preserving that crispy and strong flavor. The kind of whiskey you and your buddies will enjoy on your bachelor party.

Moreover, if you are worried you might accidentally swallow it— yes, we thought of that, too!— Fret not because gravity or for whatever other scientific reason is involved; it firmly stays at the bottom of your glass. Seriously, it being a nuisance while enjoying your favorite scotch or bourbon whiskey is the least of your problems.


Many other manufacturers are trying to copy and compete with Sip Dark’s Original Whiskey Bullet. A specific brand, Vat19, produces the same size, shape, and design as that of Sip Dark’s bullets. However, the outer finish of the bullets has noticeable blemishes.

If you are planning on giving them as a gift, Vat19 does not have an option for customization, unfortunately. They are a bit more affordable; however, the value of money saved equals the value of quality diminished.


Sip Dark’s Original Whiskey Bullets are nice liquor accessories; they are durable and stylish. These bullets also make it possible for you to enjoy undiluted whiskey anytime, anywhere, with or without your buddies.

To make your cool whiskey cooler, Sip Dark even added a customization option; perfect as a gift for those who enjoy the same chilled spirits. You can even use them on ice packs! What more can you ask for?


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