Find The Best Gift For a Traveling Man

Finding great gift ideas for a man that loves to travel isn’t necessarily difficult. Think passport holder, luggage tags, travel pillow, and so on.

But why settle for the ordinary?

We rounded up some of the most interesting, useful, and unique gifts for travelers we could find, ideal for anyone who loves to travel.

1. SWIPER Maps Scratch-Off Map of the World

World Map

Do you know a man who’s been all over the world? This scratch-off map from SWIMPER Maps is a cool way for him to keep track of where he’s been and figure out where he wants to go next.

This map features all the countries of the world as well as 200 flags to scratch off after visiting a new place.

All of the counties on this wall map appear with a beautiful, high-gloss scratch-off map material. Once removed, yellow and green topography shows up underneath.

This isn’t only an awesome way to keep track of travels, but it’s also a beautiful work of art that’s completely one of a kind.

At 33” x 24”, it definitely makes a statement in any room. It truly is a unique gift idea for seasoned travelers.

2. KOHIPRESS Portable French Press

Portable French Press

If the man in your life is really into travel and coffee, this portable French press is a gift that he’ll never forget. Sure, he can drink coffee in the hotel lobby or go to the corner coffee shop. But with this French press he won’t have to.

Put this in a gift bag with a pound of his favorite ground coffee. He’ll be able to enjoy a warm cup of coffee that tastes like home, even from the other side of the world.

This 12oz stainless steel mug features vacuum insulation so it’s perfect for travel.

It uses a full immersion steep with a pressurized plunger to press the coffee grounds for the perfect cup.

The leak-proof lid prevents spillage when he’s in the cab or rushing out the door to the next exciting location. With a 3-minute brew time and a reusable filter made from durable stainless steel mesh, it’s quick and long-lasting.  

3. ProCase Accessories Bag Organizer

Charging Bag

This accessories bag from ProCase isn’t your average toiletry bag. It’s actually specially designed to keep all of your electronic accessories neat and organized. Inside, there are loops for 6 charging cables, 3 mesh pockets for SIM or SD cards, and 2 open pockets for larger items like a charger, mouse, or power adapter. There’s also one large zipper pocket for bigger items like a hard drive or power bank and two smaller zipper pockets for small items.

The heavy-duty nylon is durable and water-resistant with an elastic strap closure. It rolls up into a small 4.5” x 9” size that tucks right into his backpack, laptop case or carry on. It’s available in 5 different colors, too.

4. Hiluckey Solar Charger

Solar Charger

Anyone who travels knows that it’s not always easy to keep your devices charged while on the go, especially if you’re trying to make multiple connections or going off the grid for a few days. That’s why every traveler needs a solar charger like this one from Hiluckey.

One of the best things about this charger is it lasts for 10 days when fully charged and has enough energy to power most mobile phones more than 12 times. With 4 solar panels, this charger takes up to 30 hours to completely charge. If he doesn’t want to wait or just wants to use it as a portable power bank, it can also charge using a micro USB cable.

Dual USB ports allow 2 devices to charge at the same time and it’s compatible with all smartphones and tablets. That’s not all. It’s durable enough to use outdoors and is built to resist dust, shock, and water! There’s also an emergency LED light that works in steady, strobe, and SOS modes which are perfect if his travels take him off the grid for a while.

5. Crumpled City Map

City Map

If your man is more of an urban explorer, try getting him a Crumpled City Map. Whether it’s for a city he’s going to or one he’s already been, there’s a crumpled city map for a variety of cities, including London, Amsterdam, Chicago, and New York, just to name a few.

Before smartphones, people relied on paper maps to get around. If you’ve ever used one, you probably know that they’re notoriously hard to fold. That’s where Crumpled City Map is ahead of the game. Sure, you can fold these maps into a perfect geometrical rectangle but you don’t have to. Shove it in your pocket or backpack when you’re in a hurry and it will still be intact when you pull it out.

Each map comes in a drawstring pouch, weighs less than one ounce, and is 100% waterproof. They also have a contemporary design that provides a map of the city along with monuments, museums, galleries, and, of course, street names. After his trip, this makes an awesome keepsake to remember both you and the trip.

6. Bose QuietComfort 35

Noise Cancelling Headphones

If your traveler frequently takes long flights or complains about staying in loud hotels, noise-cancelling headphones are the solution.

A pair like the Bose QuietComfort 35 is just what they need.

Not only do they let you listen to your music uninterrupted and block out any annoying conversations going on, but they’re also equipped with dual microphones for voice commands and clear phone calls.

They use a dual lithium-ion battery for up to 20 hours of wireless play or up to 40 hours when plugged in.

With hassle-free Bluetooth pairing and easy access to updates through the Bose Connect app, you can’t go wrong with these headphones.

7. LOOP World Adapter Plug

World Adapter Plug

The LOOP World Adapter Plug is the ideal gift for anyone who travels outside of the US frequently. It works for worldwide charging in over 150 countries and is fitted with plugs common to the US, UK, EU, Australia, and Canada. It’s the perfect way to charge your digital devices anywhere in the world.

It’s really easy to use. All you have to do is plug it into the wall using the correct plug for whatever county you’re in. Then, you can charge your smartphone, tablet, and laptop quickly and easily, all at the same time. This device is fitted with a universal AC socket and dual USB ports, letting you charge 3 devices at once.

8. GoPro HERO6

GoPro Hero6

The GoProHERO6 is the perfect gift for anyone who makes an adventure out of every vacation.

This model is one of the best and most compact ones available.

It uses 1080p and 4K60 for high-resolution images. And its advanced stabilization system captures smooth footage whether it’s handheld or mounted.

That’s not all. The GoPro uses voice control and has a durable outer covering that’s waterproof up to 33 feet without an additional protective case. You can easily use it just about anywhere, hands-free.

The QuikStories feature lets you quickly upload videos to your smartphone for automatic editing.

Its iOS and Android app makes the editing and uploading process seamless. You can send photos and videos to your phone three times faster than with the previous model.

9. NOMATIC Backpack

Travel Backpack

The Nomatic Backpack is every traveler’s dream.

This innovative system expands from a 20L to 34L bag with a few quick zips.

It has an innovative strap system that allows you to carry it in multiple ways.

Just tuck in the straps and it converts from backpack to briefcase — perfect when traveling for business or pleasure.

The material is durable and waterproof and the zipper locks provide the peace of mind you need when traveling.

It features magnetic water bottle pockets, RFID safe storage, hidden and interchangeable pockets, and cord pass-throughs so you can charge your devices while they’re in your bag.

There’s also a hardshell place to store your sunglasses, removable inside panel for customization, and a roller bag sleeve to quickly and easily mount it to your luggage for quick exits from the airport.

10. Journeys of a Lifetime Book

Travel Book

The second edition of Journeys of a Lifetime is one of the most amazing books to read for people who have seen the world or anyone who’s looking for their next big trip.

This new version includes 120 new destinations and covers 500 destinations around the world including both popular and little-known places.

This list is a compilations of the favorite trips from National Geographic’s travel writers. Each page has a new destination complete with information, highlights, helpful tips, maps, and stunning photographs.

It covers everything from mountain biking in Transylvania to riding horseback on the Santa Fe Trail.

Another great feature is the collection of top 10 lists if he’s looking for some quick inspiration.

This book tells you the world’s top 10 elevator rides, ancient highways, and walking bridges, just to name a few.

Whether he’s looking for an obscure location to visit or for the best things to do the next time he’s in the EU, this book contains endless inspiration.

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