Top 3 Gifts for Veterans in 2018

Top 3 Gifts Veterans will Actually Love in 2018

Military Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift ideas for a friend, family member, or loved one can always be a bit of a challenge. Whether you have a sibling with expensive taste or a roommate who struggles to make up their mind, it can sometimes feel as though there is no such thing as a “perfect gift.” 

That is, of course, unless you have military veterans or those on active duty in your life. 

When it comes to the military veterans in your life, it can be easy to ignore or erase their service in the armed forces. It can be something that is difficult to discuss, especially if they are disabled veterans, suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, or you simply cannot connect with their brave but harrowing experiences.

For those of us who are not service members, our automatic assumption may be that veterans do not want to talk about or even think about their experiences. Of course, the reality is that our veterans are very proud of their career and their fellow troops. For this very reason, the gift ideas you choose do not need to completely erase and overlook their sacrifice. Instead, thoughtful military gifts can commemorate and honor the service of our United States Veterans.

Whether you are already thinking about the upcoming holiday season or have an event that you would like to shop for, we carry a number of affordable, unique military gifts that the veterans in your life are certain to love and use for years to come.

Bullet Bottle Opener 

Bullet Bottle Opener

A bottle opener may seem like a common and run-of-the-mill stocking stuffer-type gift. But a bottle opener, legitimately made from a .50 Caliber brass bullet? That’s something you do not get to see every day! 

With a classic brass finish and an ultra-distinctive look, a bullet bottle opener is the statement piece of the century and will be much appreciated by the veteran looking to honor their service in everyday life. Not only is the bottle opener made from a real bullet, but a bullet that has been fired.

There is, however, one thing shoppers should be cautious of: while the bottle opener is sure to make a bold statement, this can unfortunately sometimes backfire. It is not recommended for any products made from bullets to be taken to airports, or for any international travel, as authorities may mistake it for a weapon. In some cases, the result may be delayed travel, fines, or confiscation.


Military Coasters

You might be wondering how many other things could be made from refashioned bullet casings—well, the answer is a lot. Take coasters, for example.

This innovatively designed, patent-pending set of four coasters offers an even more realistic feel than bottle openers with plenty of true-to-life features, including the headstamps, rings, and primer dents that set .50 caliber casings apart. Although coaster sets are sold separately from bottle openers, the two products certainly make a perfect pairing.

You also have the option to add custom engraving to the bottom, making it truly a one-of-a-kind present.

Whiskey Glasses

Whiskey Glass

When whiskey is your drink of choice, there’s no need for shot glasses to help with mixing.

Designed to look exactly like a classic Colt Revolver cylinder, this six shooter whiskey glass is the perfect gift for any veteran or service member in your life who loves whiskey (and lots of it). The glass is solid, weighing in at around one pound and holding up to ten ounces. 

While many items can be personalized, few other options offer the same ability to engrave up to two lines of text running up the glass. If you are concerned about how the final product will look, our site allows you to choose your font, gives you the opportunity to see exactly what your gift will look like, and make changes up until the purchase is complete.

Ultimately, the best part of Bullets2Bandages gifts is the fact that you cannot go wrong, no matter which gift you choose. Most of our products are 100% made and sourced right here in America and we are committed to supporting veterans beyond creating timeless presents. Since starting the company, we have been—and always will be—donating at least 15 percent of our proceeds to worthwhile veteran-focused charities. That’s certainly something everyone, veteran or otherwise, will love!

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